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Be Good To One Another 
Posted on November 4, 2016 at 11:38 AM.
If someone sends you a heartfelt attempt to reach out to you in any way shape or form, whether it is is to reconcile, or just say hi, or check in, whatever, and you refuse to even acknowledge receiving that communication attempt, that's harsh as hell.

Thing is, I am guilty of this. I have done this to people in the past, so I guess what I am experiencing now is just karma and "what is going around, coming around" or whatever the old saying is.

Thing is, you don't even have to agree, or disagree, or even get into why that person is trying to communicate with you, you can just simply say "Got your message" or "thanks for the PM," at least that person, who wore their heart on their sleeve and kind of opened up to you in an exposing/embarrassing way, knows you read it/heard it and can move on.

It's almost kind of agonizing having a really personal, heartfelt message be ignored completely.

Again, I am not a victim though. I've done it in the past and I probably deserve it now.

One of the best men I have ever worked for was the principal of a high school I worked at and coached at. His motto was "be good to one another." It was simple, and genuine, and it was infectious. It spread throughout the campus in staff and student alike. His retirement was very sad and the school was never the same after he left.

Be good to one another.

Just a simple "thanks for the message" reply could be enough to make someones day, help someone cope and move on, or even stop them from doing something really stupid. You never know. It's just a humanly decent thing to do, IMO, and I regret being guilty of what I described at points in my life.

Be good to one another.
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