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Will Online Communities Shield Us From Youtube BS? 
Posted on July 28, 2011 at 08:53 AM.
A few minutes are left on the clock, and you are driving down the field. Your on the 50 yard line, but you need to run out a little more clock before you make that decision to play for the field goal win, or push it in for six. You pull off a nice 12 yard run to impress your other friends in the room, control the clock, and kick the winning field goal with 20 seconds left on the clock as the silence breaks to your peers yelling because you just beat the man that was talking noise all day on the bus about how his eagles can't be beat.

These are the great days that a few of you may miss, a few of you may have never experienced, and a few of you will get as your online community just noticed that you have beaten the number 1 ranked man in the community!

Yes, Online Communities do sound promising, and the ability to log on to Madden and find legit players to play all throughout the day sounds pretty promising as well. But what has brought us to this day? What has brought us to the breaking point that we would need this feature just so we don't feel cheated when we play a random man online? Youtube...

Have you ever been in an Online Franchise, and that guy that went 5-11 just started beating up on people going 16-0 defeating everyone in his path. Or maybe the league was pretty balanced, but by week 7 some man just never lost again, putting up 1800 yards rushing with one player for two straight seasons, or that WR that has 40 catches, but 26 touchdowns.... Blame Youtube...

That's right. Youtube, in my opinion, has ruined online football competition. The days of being beaten, and just saying "that guy is better than me" are gone. Now there are thousands of videos telling you what plays you need to run, what plays can't be stopped, and what plays help dominate your competition.

How does this effect you? It ruins your online experience, it ruins our online franchises, and it makes us point the finger uttering the words. "That BS ain't real, and it ain't Sim." I wish EA were like other companies, and everyone who put a video up showing Madden glitches, or anything like money plays, would be taken down do to some kind of copyright protection or something.

Now an argument could easily be brought up that these plays always existed in the game. Maybe, but while back in the day they may have existed, there were no place you could find these plays in high volumes. You had to actually play around with stuff yourself to find out these unstoppable plays, and back in the day there may have been one play a man used that couldn't be stopped, but fast forward to today and there are many plays that can be altered to become unstoppable.

Now when I was writing this it was first to talk about the old days of playing in the living room with friends. Then I wanted to rant a little about Youtube, but now I find myself wishing I didn't even mention it for the sake of bringing Youtube to some poor souls attention who didn't even know about its devilish offerings to the Madden community.

Obviously, with the careful selection of players that we put in our Online Communities, and Online Franchises this issue can be avoided. I myself would never, and will never, go on Youtube to learn some plays to 1up my competition. Hell, I might as well pay a man to be my offensive, and defensive coordinator to sit by me on the couch while I play my competition.

I'm pretty new at making blogs, and since we are on a pretty prestigious site, I was curious to see how many gamers felt the same way I do about the oath to not go online, and find cheesy plays to win games. Matter fact, I think all "SIM" players should sign some kind of oath to forbid Youtube viewing for tips!

Am I alone on this, just wanted to know how you guys felt about this whole media infested world that's ruining our football video game competition.
# 1 malachijohn666 @ Jul 28
couldn't you just mandate, in a the league rules which glitch or money plays are banned? I don't know the answer, I have never participated in an online lague before.
# 2 The Real Ma$$ive @ Jul 29
Nope this was not available. Pretty much every one was added to the league, and they were able to choose which every playbook they wanted. I always wanted to be apart of a sim league that would have a rule say... For the first season at least, everyone would have to use the playbook that their team came wit. ie... Cowboys... only use cowboys defensive, and offensive playbook, but even then there really is no way to check that, especially if the man gets in the lobby before you, and has already readied up.
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