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To Gameflow or Not to Gameflow? 
Posted on August 10, 2010 at 12:10 PM.
Now that the game has been released, and everyone serious about Madden 11 have picked up there copies, will these midnight release veterans subdue to the game flow, or take the more conventional method to coaching this year.

"Game Flow" has seen to be a promising added feature in some players eyes, but others in the Madden community have taken it for a feature designed for new Madden players to get comfortable with play calling "making 350 plays down to 1."

I don't know about you, but as good of an idea as I think this feature is, I feel, as a veteran player of the Madden franchise, that I never use to fumble through 300 something odd plays trying to outwit the competition. If your anything like me, and Ian Cummings data also proves this, many of the Madden elite players always had a handful of plays for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th down that they felt comfortable running, and already had in mind which play to choose based off a certain situation. It's like "Game Flow" is already in our minds.

That being said, I really can't put my trust in the defensive coordinator to call my 5 star play during a situational 3rd down crucial moment, that requires a crucial game altering defensive stand. I think the game is more on the edge, and more exciting, trying to "out chess" your opponent play call for play call as the quarters roll on, and the both of you get more and more comfortable with each other leading up to that 4th quarter battle.

As stated before, I like the idea of "Game Flow". I think it will be a great feature to use against the computer, in your offline franchise, making the way to the Superbowl a little more difficult instead of burning the computer on money plays that you know the computer can't stop, but as far as head to head I think the conventional method is the way to go.

When I was at the Gamestop midnight release party with my friend that was picking up his copy, I noticed that everyone there, Xbox 360 machines, and ps3's, were playing with the conventional method head to head.

That being said, how do you guys feel about "Game Flow" when going head to head? Will you be using it mainly against the computer in your offline franchise, or will you use it in your online ranked games, and online franchise games? I look forward to hearing your two pennies, or I'll have to look forward to Ian Cummings "data".
# 1 The Real Ma$$ive @ Aug 10
I couldn't agree more. Being able to make your own plays even takes the "Game Flow" method to new heights. And I feel where ya coming from in being able to game plan to attack a teams weakness, but how do you feel about one man using game flow and another man not using it? Do you think it only works if both teams are using "Game Flow"? Who really has the advantage?
# 2 EmmittSmithx22x @ Aug 11
I feel its ask madden with a voice telling you what your gonna run. thats how I feel. LOL
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