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EA Tiburon, what is wrong with you? 
Posted on September 4, 2012 at 02:43 PM.
Over the years, Madden NFL Football has drastically changed from a fundamentally-sound football game to an arcadish display of 11 on 11 football. In Madden 2005, the running animations were superb. Running with Tiki Barber felt completely different then with LaDanian Tomlinson. When running with the ball, you could FEEL the momentum and weight of the player shift as you turn the sticks. Now, players stop on a dime and are able to side-step 30 feet in a matter of seconds. Check out this play from Madden 12:

With the replacement of both Franchise Mode and Superstar Mode with CCM, a HUGE pulse entered the forums of OS. "What's the new mode going to be like?" and "How will this work?" are some of the comments seen on OS before the release of Madden 13.

No Fantasy Draft?
No editing players?
No editing uniforms?
No option to spectate CPU vs CPU games?

I don't think I need to continue with that list. I'm not necessarily bashing the mode, but I question why the developers took out these options.

People praise this game for it's realism, but those are the ones that don't realize they're being spoon-fed by EA. They didn't want us editing player ratings because they want us to keep buying their game with updated rosters and such.

In the past, we were able to edit our ratings as we wish. That's why we've got some people making NFL 2k13 rosters for APF 2k8! Without the editing option, this wouldn't be possible.

This is the first time I'm not buying Madden since 2005.

What do you guys think? I want to see if the majority are in favor of CCM or the old-school Franchise Mode.
# 1 Dazraz @ Sep 4
CCM for online, Old School Franchise for Offline. There are still a great deal of people playing this game Offline & EA have totally neglected them this year. CCM for Offliners is Franchise Mode stripped down to the bare essentials.
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