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Tomba's Complete Madden 25 Slider Set 
Posted on September 7, 2013 at 05:47 PM.
Madden 25

Slider Set

The values below follow a mathematical forumula based off of how sliders effect player attributes. The values of 0,28,42,56,70,84 and 98 all represent a "trigger" for the player attributes to be "grouped" in. These numbers and these numbers alone make it so that the sliders "pool" from a rating in the quickest way so that animations play out when they need to providing no indecisionary animations.

The quickest way to explian what is neccessarily happening is taking any attribute rating and then having that slider that might coincide with that rating or ratings trigger faster to what the end result should realistically be.

With those set slider numbers the timing involved with the guess work between the slider and attribute rating is shortened making for cleaner animations and better overall gameplay.

Game Settings
Quarter Length: 8 minutes

Playcall Style: Gameflow
(The game engine was BUILT of of this. It follows it. This is very similar to broken playbooks ala NBA 2k12/13. Pick what the computer chooses for you and glitches will not be present)
Camera: Zoom
(NFL 2K5 Style)
Auto Strafe:OFF
Heat Seeker: OFF
Ball Hawk: OFF
Switch Assist: OFF
Injuries: 0
(They look fake. So ignore them altogether)
Game Speed: Normal
Threshold: 70

Penalty Sliders
(A Must Use)

Offside: 28
False Start: 28
Holding: 42
Facemask: 28
DPI: 84
OPI: 28
PCI: 0
Clipping: 0
INT Grounding: 28
Roughing the pass: 42
Roughing the kicker: 0

Player Skill

QB Acc: 70
Pass Block: 98
WR Catching: 70
Run Block: 70
Fumbles: 28
Pass D React: 28
Interceptions: 28
Pass Coverage: 70
Tackling: 56
FG Power: 56

CPU Skill

QB Acc: 98
Pass Block: 98
WR Catch: 98
Run Block: 42
Fumbles: 70
Pass D React: 0
Interceptions: 28
Pass Coverage: 42
Tackling: 56

Tomba always we REAL-LIFE it
# 1 vtcrb @ Sep 8
Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
# 2 $NevaBroke$ @ Sep 9
I'm in the lab with Kid V's sliders but I will give these a shot. Tomba I beleive you, you don't need more people lol
# 3 supersol13 @ Sep 9
Are these loaded on Madden Share?
# 4 DBMcGee3 @ Sep 10
Hmmmmm.....I've only played the demo, but I'm kinda surprised to see that you have blocking increased so much. I found the lack of D-Line effectiveness to be one of the most irritating things about the game. I also thought the QBs were far too accurate in the demo with accuracy set @ 50.

Meh, if I ever rent the game I'll give these a whirl, you've always done great work in the past Tomba.
# 5 Tomba @ Sep 11
This slider sets interesting in the fact it really plays off the players ratings in game
# 6 4thQtrStre5S @ Dec 26
Just ran across these sliders and the formula a few hours ago as I was looking for information in regards to what slider levels allow the computer to calculate the pure player skill ratings. With the formula I have the CPU ratings all at 98 with the exception of INT which are at 42 and fumbles at 0..The user ratings I have a mix of 56's and 42's with INT's at 0...special teams I set all at 56...and used the suggested penalty sliders...In two games I have really liked the player interaction...The CPU has had a hard time scoring TD's and has been stuck with a lot of FG's...Will experiment more there - Am curious why the penalty sliders are set the way they are, I have found 63 to be a magic number for getting fair facemasks and holding calls; False start works well at 84...I have yet to get 1 offensive or defensive pass interference from settings of 98 down to 28, (frustrating)...Would lowering the CPU ratings actually make them play better, or more to their real ratings? Wish these sliders were in the Next Gen slider forum so more people would try them and post results; I think there is something very correct about the formula..Logic, IMO, seems to suggest such a formula as opposed to picking any number between 0-100 and having it work effectively, or to a desired effect...
# 7 ncromnd @ Mar 31
hey does anyone use these and whats the result?
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