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Posted on October 1, 2014 at 09:02 PM.
# 1 RUFFNREADY @ Oct 2
I had to see it with my own eyes! I believe that Elite11 plays better than NBA LIVE 14!!! NBA LIVE 15, looks tobe a skin over of NBA Elite 11. SMH
this is all my opinion! cheers
# 2 mt8732 @ Oct 3
This game actually didn't look too bad when u have people playing it that know what they're doing. Looks like live 15 is the prettier more polished version with old live 10 controls. 3 years later and that's best they can do smh
# 3 Kottonmouthklla @ Oct 3
im not really sure what the point is you are trying to make with this since there's no real explanation but I own elite 11 and the only game-play i've seen that somewhat resembles elites game-play was live 13, sort of looked like if you try to play the game with live 10 controls. 15 (from the little we have all seen) looks very different. I do have to say one thing though elite 11 in my opinion played 100x better than live 14 did last year, the control you have in the game is incredible and a lot of fun once accustomed to it. I think it would be interesting if ea played around and put some of elite into the live games from here forward. Especially on this new gen of consoles that could be really nice
# 4 nuttyrich @ Oct 3
How do you own a copy of Elite '11? Only 9 people have copies of it, it was cancelled before release date. You have a collector's item my friend You're one of the (9) people who own the game.

Only a demo was released and yanked off pretty quickly.
# 5 scottyp180 @ Oct 5
Lmao BizDevConglomerate. I hope your comment is not serious. I couldn't get through a minute of this video because of how bad it looked. Wade flying to the rim like he was magnetized, Vince Carter's leaping hop step into dunk. If you ar looking for an arcadey basketball game, Elite looked good and fun but if you are looking for an authentic basketball game then Elite is faaaar from it.

I can only hope Live 15 does not resemble this, and from the little we have seen I think it's safe to say it won't.
# 6 ifitbeginsitends @ Oct 6
I remember playing this game... I may be a weirdo but I kinda like the direction they were going with the controls the whole everything on the sticks was weird but I started to catch on the left stick was feet and the right stick was for the hands
# 7 ifitbeginsitends @ Oct 6
You actually had control over every thing, instead of pressing x to steal, you could swipe with the gang you wanted. I have a problem with the intent tho. I feel like it was only put in the game to be different from want Luke want wanted as a form of spite. I definitely think it was salvageable
# 8 ifitbeginsitends @ Oct 6
Different from what mike wang** wanted
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