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Tomba Madden 18 Roster 
Posted on September 20, 2017 at 07:58 PM.
Tomba Madden18 Roster
Now Available for Xbox One Community Files

Additional Link to Slider Set Settings

Included in the patch are:
Player Performance Edits that highlight more than 250 of the best players in the NFL.
Player equipment changes that mimic what they wear in real life.
Slider Set that is made to work with Roster Edit in link above.

Unique to the edit is a Player Performance Edit based off of Real Life Player and Team Ratings /Rankings

Player Performance Edit
QB Likeness for the 30 Best QB in the League
RB Likeness for the 40 Best RB in the League
WR Likeness for the 50 Best WR in the League
TE Likeness for the 25 Best TE in the League
Offensive Lineman Likeness for the 20 Best Teams in the League
Linebacker Likeness for the 20 Best Linebackers in the League
Cornerback, Free Safety and Strong Safety Likeness for the Top 30 Teams in the League
Kicker and Punter Likeness For the Top 30 Kicker and Punters in the League
Kick Off Returner and Punt Returner Likeness For the Top 30 Returners in the League

Key areas this patch has been able to address in regards to gameplay problems from the release of the retail version are:
  • QB scrambling - Made those QB's that can scramble have better animations and running motions.
  • QB Throwing - More accurate in-game speeds for individual QB's.
  • QB Accuracy - Accuracy Edit that allows for needle like passes and better looking long balls.
  • QB Error and Success - Better representation of QB's ability to get off throws and make crucial passes.
  • RB bursts through the line and up the middle - Working off a lineman edit that fixes the procedural awareness in the game. RB's can now break through as they do in Real Life.
  • RB and WR Juke and Spin - RB's and WR's now have a much more realistic approach and speed to how they are executed in game.
  • RB Toss Plays - Now are accurately executed and have a success rate that of Real Life situations based off of defensive Error and Success within the Player Performance Edit
  • WR Route Running - More intelligent and aggressive based off of the Elite and better WR's in the NFL.
  • WR Speed - Overall better representation of a how NFL WR's run before catching and after catching the ball.
  • WR Jumping - Made WR's reactions better against defense by improving the WR's Jumping and Catching within the players attributes ratings so that more accurate one on one situations can be had.
  • WR Diving Catches - Improved the way WR's go after wild or crucial throws by the QB's.
  • TE Strength - Adjusted the way TE's would act against coverage by improving their catching and running abilities
  • Center Pass and Run protection - Fixed Centers who had poor blocking abilities for their teams pocket and scrambling QB's
  • LineBacker, CornerBack and Safety Pass Coverage - Fixed the way LB,CB and Safeties would react to certain passes to receivers. LB,CB and Safeties show better poise and restraint and make better decisions towards the throw.
  • CornerBack and Safety Man Coverage -Increased the disparity in between CornerBack and Safeties against WR's by making their play recognition more realistic and time based of of their awareness and agility.
  • Kicker Accuracy and Power - Made Kicker's field goal attempts from different yardage more accurate to what they can do in Real Life.
  • Punter Accuracy and Power - Made Punters kicks from from less or accurate and powerful based off of individual players skills.
  • Kick and Punt Returner Running Ability - Kick Returners can break away more freely which accurately depicts the current trend of the NFL today.


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