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Posted on October 3, 2018 at 11:04 PM.
For years, I've been trying to make the NBA 2K series play a believable game of basketball through the adjustments of sliders and rosters. It wasn't until the 2K series went to what is now the current gen did I feel that slider adjustments were enough. Over the past few iterations I stuck with just adjusting the NBA 2K slider sets with one additional goal in mind. Animation Flow or the flow of animations. Game speed player speed has always been an ongoing thing I've seen in sports games (especially recently) that I feel has not been paid attention to. Yes, my fellow sports game enthusiasts have shared the same interest whether it was from their own editing or from the casual user of those edits who showed the same relentless want to have something look and play...more real.

This years game has its shares of issues. Every year it does. It's impossible to make everyone happy. Some want features, some want easier access to things and some just want to be able to fly down the court and dunk online. I just want to provide a slider set that is for those die hard basketball fans that watch a game on tv and then want to play a game of NBA 2K Basketball because it's just more of what they love...Basketball.

Below are this years settings for the Tomba 2k19 Slider set.
I am happy to report that from my editing that this slider set addresses:
1)Foot Planting in a major way
2)Player speeds for every position player on court
3)Fixes weird animation suggestions by the game engine by forcing more realistic animation branching.
4)Adjusts pass speed to be more realistic especially in broadcast cam view
5)Creates space so that when the ai runs plays it looks more calculated.
6)CPU will go after the open shot more
7)player dribbling and defending of the dribble has better feel and weight when you control it
8)Star players play more like them selves Examples include things such as Gobert blocking/rebounding etc.
9)Better fouling by AI due to adjustments throughout the slider set

This slider set has actual settings that are not approached in a conventional way. You will see things have a very high setting for user and then it's CPU equivalent be much lower. You will also see some settings that are made to play off each other but technically shouldn't. I hope that you try the slider set without judging the actuals first. In every edit I try to achieve a sense of realism that can only be achieved by making myself think outside of the box. I usually scale back everything then add, i look for one universal working thing and build.

Below are this years settings for the Tomba 2k19 Slider Set.

Adjust Only those You See others at Default

Controller Settings:

Vibration: Off
Shot Timing: Real Player %
Free Throw Timing: Real Player %
Defensive Assist Strength With Intense D: 0
Box out Assist Strength: 100
Pass Target Profile: Custom
Pass Target Direction: 1
Pass Target Distance: 1
Pass Target Openness: 98

Quarter Length: 8 Minutes
Fatigue: On
Injuries: On
Game Speed: 44
Shot Meter: Off
Shot feedback: Off

Inside Shot success 82/52
Close shot success 70/63
Mid-range success 75/65
3PT success 70/65
Layup success 95/50
Dunk In traffic Freq 50/50
Dunk in traffic success 50/50
Pass accuracy 100/25
ally Oop success 50/50
contact shot success 40/50
ball security 0/100
body up sensitivity 100/100
pass speed 35/20

driving contact shot freq 90/80
Inside contact shot freq 0/0
layup defense strength(takeoff) 50/50
layup defense strength(release) 50/50
jump-shot defense strength (gather) 50/0
jump-shot defense strength(release) 50/0
Help defense strength 100/0
steal success 50/25

Acceleration 25/25
Vertical 55/40
strength 5/5
stamina 50/50
speed 12/2
durability 50/50
hustle 50/50
ball handling 100/100
hands 50/0
dunking ability 50/50
on-ball defense 100/30
stealing 55/40
blocking 65/50
offensive awareness 50/100
defense awareness 100/0
offensive rebounding 63/45
defensive rebounding 50/50
offensive consistency 100/0
defensive consistency 100/100
fatigue rate 50/50
lateral quickness 50/50

take inside shots 50/0
take close shots 50/0
take mid-range shots 50/75
take 3pt shots 50/85
post shots 50/43
attack the basket 50/0
look for post players 50/70
throw ally oops 50/50
attempt dunks 50/90
attempt putbacks 50/50
play passing lanes 100/0
go for on-ball steals 50/0
contest shots 100/100
backdoor cuts 50/25

over the back foul freq 40/50
charging fouls 40/50
blocking fouls 40/50
reach-in fouls 40/50
loose ball fouls 40/50

Speed with ball(max) 50/50
speed with ball(min) 50/50
acceleration with ball(max) 50/50
acceleration with ball(min) 50/50
speed without ball(max) 50/40
speed without ball(min) 65/65
acceleration without ball(max) 50/40
acceleration without ball(min) 65/65
(These above speed settings actually speed up gameplay nicely)

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