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zonan25 is offline
# 51
zonan25 @ Mar 12, 2014
what are the chances you have the sliders for ncaa 10 handy? itchin for march madness and im trying to find a realistic set. heard you did some of that back then
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# 50
sixzero @ Sep 21, 2012
Private message has been sent Tomba. Thank you for your contributions to Operation Sports.
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# 49
sixzero @ Sep 21, 2012
Great article on sliders!
vtcrb is offline
# 48
vtcrb @ Sep 5, 2012
Clean out your PMs. KG#5 Beantown did all the Uniforms for me. Do you have Reditor, I could use a fix of a few names. KG has been tied up and hasnt been able to fix them.
toofasttoofcuk is offline
# 47
toofasttoofcuk @ Apr 26, 2012
Yo man! Do you have a list of all your edits?
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# 46
DBMcGee3 @ Mar 2, 2012
So am I playin some Tomba 2k12 this weekend my man?
gottibino is offline
# 45
gottibino @ Feb 11, 2012
who will grace the cover of Tomba 2k12...??? Rajon Rondo or......JEREMY LIIIIIIIIIIN!!!! (Michael Buffers' voice) LOL
sgttuco is offline
# 44
sgttuco @ Jan 30, 2012
If there is a way I can get your last updated MLB 2k10 roster file I would appreciate it. 2k Share is down, so I'm stuck using out of the box rosters (which is ancient history!) Thanks!
mjbird123 is offline
# 43
mjbird123 @ Nov 22, 2011
Hey, Tomba do you have any advice for me if I can't use 2k share to get rosters, and I can't get them off the computer?

Thanks for the advice.
mjbird123 is offline
# 42
mjbird123 @ Nov 18, 2011
Hey, Tomba quick question, do you do a franchise in NBA2K? One more how do you do the spoiler things on your post?

mjbird123 is offline
# 41
mjbird123 @ Oct 28, 2011
Hey Tomba are the sliders almost done? sorry i keep asking but I'm so excited for them
mjbird123 is offline
# 40
mjbird123 @ Oct 23, 2011
Why did you only chose 8 min for your sliders?. This game I only scored 80 and they scored 69. You can check out how my game went in my blog
jong85 is offline
# 39
jong85 @ Sep 1, 2011
sorry to bother you is there i can your lastest roster for mlb 2k10? i appreciate it thx
CutthroatGold is offline
# 38
CutthroatGold @ Dec 4, 2009
Originally Posted by Tomba
You check out the site?
I have. Good work tomba!
ANDROMADA 1 is offline
# 37
ANDROMADA 1 @ Nov 23, 2009
nice site!!
CutthroatGold is offline
# 36
CutthroatGold @ Oct 18, 2009
Tomba you know I'm waiting on your Nba 2k10 sliders right?
I can't wait to play my association with your sliders and nogster's rosters!
The perfect combo like Jordan and Pippen! Quote that my friend!
CutthroatGold is offline
# 35
CutthroatGold @ Jul 16, 2009
Hey Tomba, How's it going?
Behindshadows is offline
# 34
Behindshadows @ Apr 2, 2009
Originally Posted by Tomba
Completely estatic for ya man... I am so happy you're going thru with stuff. This stuff is YOU just remember all the things that these little forums and posters have taught you and make it into money! LOL. My Best Tomba
thanks man I'm trying. Having the hardest time writing reviews for games that aren't sports. Lol. I know I play them to death but it's just difficult. Wait until you read my NBA 09 The Inside Review you will just straight up laugh.
Pared is offline
# 33
Pared @ Apr 2, 2009
Got your message... things are going well. Some exciting stuff on the horizon. Stay tuned...
Behindshadows is offline
# 32
Behindshadows @ Apr 2, 2009
Originally Posted by Tomba
What's been goin on Shadows? been awhile since I'VE been on so maybe that's the thing,but honestly the games have been kinda borin' you know. hope all is well and TRUST my website is going strong in development my friend...
Yeah I was wondering where you disappeared to, long time no

Check out and let me know what you think.
Behindshadows is offline
# 31
Behindshadows @ Feb 26, 2009
Originally Posted by Tomba
Droppin in...

Payin respect to the Video King
Peep out my latest blog and leave a comment
rudyjuly2 is offline
# 30
rudyjuly2 @ Jan 11, 2009
Does anyone have definitions of all the Live Sliders?
2kfanatic is offline
# 29
2kfanatic @ Dec 20, 2008
Hey there, nice slider/roster set you have although I really can't enjoy it since I'm on ps3 but I did the speed thing and everything else you said but for celtics and lakers starters only.

So my questions are:
-How will I be able to play this in my association since speed, quickness, def awareness, onball d should not change to have a smooth gameplay?

-If I change the speed slider, will the speed edits be ineffective?
-Do you have the activation points(animation) on layup ratings?
RAZRr1275 is offline
# 28
RAZRr1275 @ Dec 13, 2008
Originally Posted by Tomba
Don't worry Even if you got all the info it'd still take ya about a week to implement everything. so just be patient with me I'm trying to be as thorough as possible for everyone. this is essentially going to be the edit/roster that i think will end up becoming a base for all NBA 2k's anyway going down the future...As the engine will probably not change drastically.
Sounds good
RAZRr1275 is offline
# 27
RAZRr1275 @ Dec 13, 2008
You still expecting to have the guide for ps3 guys done today?
23 is offline
# 26
23 @ Dec 12, 2008
Hey Tomba... hit me on AIM or PM me man
wmassie is offline
# 25
wmassie @ Dec 10, 2008
I abndoned NBA Live 08 and rushed out and bought live 09 and 2K9 -updated their repective patches and watched a few cpu/cpu games on both - both could meet my needs but Live 09 has virtually no fastbreaks and 2K9 has too many assists -have you found a way to correct these?

wmassie is offline
# 24
wmassie @ Dec 8, 2008
Hi Tomba, I am a much older gamer and have been following your posts with much interest and admiration because you truly believe in making the game realistic - coming from the pong era, I am amazed at the vidoe game technology and being an nba nut was excited to see they were putting out basketball games that tried to be a true sim of the sport. My youngest child just left for college and I came across an unopened copy of NBA Live 08 for the PS3. I don't mash buttons, I prefer "watching" CPU vs, CPU games but the game did not give me realistic results.
-What level utilizes the player attributes the most?
I am unable to access the ea servers to see if there are updates/rosters etc. DO you still have copies of your rosters/sliders for 08 or a excel/word file of them. I may eventually buy Live 09 but I want to see if I can make 08 playable 1st.
RAZRr1275 is offline
# 23
RAZRr1275 @ Dec 7, 2008
Hey Tomba your pm box needs cleaning. Since it wouldn't allow me to send a om here's my response.

Must have had a computer problem. PM sent 3 times.

Any ETA? Should be interesting.
Behindshadows is offline
# 22
Behindshadows @ Nov 24, 2008
lol...thanks man! I try my best my friend. Hopefully when I finish version 2 of these rosters, I'll have more NCAA videos as well.
RAZRr1275 is offline
# 21
RAZRr1275 @ Nov 22, 2008
Your sliders are pretty good. Only thing is that they're too easy for me. What do you think I can do about that?
RAZRr1275 is offline
# 20
RAZRr1275 @ Nov 22, 2008
Already posted in there
RAZRr1275 is offline
# 19
RAZRr1275 @ Nov 22, 2008
Yeah. It works better but still not as well as it should
RAZRr1275 is offline
# 18
RAZRr1275 @ Nov 22, 2008
I'm going to go with tendencies here. Mid range and Attack the basket shot tendencies. They really need to work better
RAZRr1275 is offline
# 17
RAZRr1275 @ Nov 22, 2008
That would be nice. There are a few things in gamplay I'd like to see too
RAZRr1275 is offline
# 16
RAZRr1275 @ Nov 22, 2008
Oh okay. I'll test it out and see what I get.
SageInfinite is offline
# 15
SageInfinite @ Nov 22, 2008
Thanx alot. The hard work is appreciated. 2k9 is disgusting out of the box. Thanx again for making it playable.
RAZRr1275 is offline
# 14
RAZRr1275 @ Nov 21, 2008
Oh okay then. Well this time keep it. 2K10 next year will be awesome
RAZRr1275 is offline
# 13
RAZRr1275 @ Nov 21, 2008
Oh okay. You think 10 will work? I'm used to longer games
RAZRr1275 is offline
# 12
RAZRr1275 @ Nov 21, 2008
Yeah I think I'm just going to leave it alone.

You think your sliders will work with 12 min quarters?

Also any chance of you getting a ps3 for next year?
RAZRr1275 is offline
# 11
RAZRr1275 @ Nov 21, 2008
Only thing about the speed edit is that it would take an extremely long time to get done and I'm a bit slower with the scales that are just go by examples like it is with the top end speed. I'd be a bit thrown off.

That would be awesome. Any chance of that happening next year?

Also do you think your sliders will work with 12 min quarters?
SageInfinite is offline
# 10
SageInfinite @ Nov 21, 2008
Are the rosters available on 360?
SageInfinite is offline
 # 9
SageInfinite commenting on TOMBA2K9CoverFinal1 picture @ Nov 21, 2008
Nice cover
SageInfinite is offline
# 8
SageInfinite @ Nov 21, 2008
Nice 2k9 sliders Tomba.
RAZRr1275 is offline
# 7
RAZRr1275 @ Nov 21, 2008
Hey Tomba do you think that your sliders will work on my rosters? They are pretty much nogster's with some edits and juke34man's coach profiles
funky_chicken is offline
# 6
funky_chicken @ Nov 19, 2008
When it come to the NBA 2k games you have OCD. Your rosters, tweaks and tireless effort to make the game better is remarkable. You should be on Take Two's payroll helping them to make the game better. You know your stuff.
jczar78 is offline
# 5
jczar78 @ Nov 18, 2008
Thanks man, I have been home now for the last three days and its getting to me but I still feel like crap. Looks like I will probably be home until Thursday.
ChubbyBanana is offline
# 4
ChubbyBanana @ Nov 18, 2008
I have to give you props for the 2k9 update.

Even if I don't have 2k9 anymore, I still applaud your effort at all the edits. Nice Job for the community!
Skyboxer is offline
# 3
Skyboxer @ Nov 17, 2008
Yep Donny will always be my facorite. The last game I went to see him play, he sat out as the game didn't matter...
Tomba is offline
# 2
Tomba @ Nov 17, 2008
Yo Tony!

Wait are you THEE Tony?
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