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NCAA 10 - Named Rosters 
Posted on July 6, 2009 at 02:37 AM.
Word around OS is, no one is making them this year. I don't like playing where it's QB#12 to WR#6 for a TD.

So, I will be making them! Every player will be named, and I'll only edit equipment for knew player's. If I missed somebody on your team, edit him yourself.

I need at least a week to have them done. I have football practice every day and I'm the Captain.

When they are done I will make a post in the NCAA 10 Forums.

And this is only if, the patch that EA releases does not have them.

# 1 Watson @ Jul 6
# 2 TrapStar215 @ Jul 6
It's going to take a long time.
# 3 TracerBullet @ Jul 6
Wow I do not envy you lol. But way to help out the community though.
# 4 TrapStar215 @ Jul 6
I have no problem doing it, it's just it will take some time. Even if I can do 10 teams a day, that's 11 day's.

And that's not included if I'm tired from practice.
# 5 secballers @ Jul 6
I think there will be plenty of named rosters. I think a simple google search will lead you to a couple of sites that are doing them for free.
# 6 TrapStar215 @ Jul 6
This is only if no one make's them.
# 7 NoDakHusker @ Jul 6
There was a thread I saw somewhere where a bunch of dudes said they were going to do rosters. Regardless there's ALWAYS rosters out there. But good luck to you
# 8 secballers @ Jul 6
I'll keep you informed on release day. Have you ever used ea locker?
# 9 TrapStar215 @ Jul 6
I use the EA Locker alot
# 10 secballers @ Jul 6
Last year did you (a.) Name the rosters manually yourself? (b.) Assume that EA provided named rosters through patch? (c.) Receive named rosters via third party? Because in the forum you were asking the EA developer if the patch would have named rosters and seemed a bit confused about the process.
# 11 TrapStar215 @ Jul 6
Last year you didn't need a patch for rosters. I got mine from RomanCaesar.

But since they F'ed up the rosters, I though they would add the name's with them. Since that is what they added it for.

But I found somebody that is making them, that can have it done in one day.
# 12 secballers @ Jul 6
When you get them let me know the link so I can load them for dynasty
# 13 GaryT531 @ Jul 6
But who will be editing them every week like DK? (RomanCaesar) His 09 rosters were the best I have ever used in the NCAA series.
# 14 TrapStar215 @ Jul 6
You can always edit them yourself. Week after week.
# 15 GaryT531 @ Jul 6
no thanks

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