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An innocent question/plea 
Posted on April 22, 2012 at 07:12 PM.
Why does it bother people so much who the hell I decide to cheer for? Seriously. It's not your money going towards t-shirts, it's not me deciding what game you watch or play, I'm not asking you to go to games with me. Can I please get an answer? I mean, it obviously rubs some of you the wrong way. Why? It wouldn't bother me as much if 55% of posts directed towards me didn't start with "What happened to..." or "Weren't yo a ____fan?". I like every team except the Yankees, Lakers, Canadiens, and Alabama. Other than that, I will continue to cheer for whoever I please, I will discuss whoever I want to in the forums, and I will have opinions about whichever team or player I feel like having an opinion about. Just give it a rest. None of you are saying anything that hasn't been said, none of you are going to make me change, and it stopped being funny about a year ago. I love this site, I truly do. I've gotten great advice from the majority of posters, and I've done my best to give advice and insight. But there are a handful of users that are getting ridiculous with the whole "bandwagon!!1!11 OMG!!!!" thing. I don't want to put them on the ignore list because some of their posts are great. So please, just drop it. At this point the OS who's who knows I change my favorite teams, and I change them often. There's no reason to point it out anymore. I get it, you get it, we all get it. If you read this, thank you for hearing me out. If not, I guess I'll eventually start editing my Ignore List as much as my sig.

Thanks, Jon
# 1 jhendricks316 @ Apr 22
The average "bandwagoners" get on my nerves, but you seem to be just a true sports fan.
# 2 PackerBacker123 @ Apr 22
go pack go!

"fan for life"
# 3 lonewolf371 @ Apr 23
To be honest, the whole institution of fandom is silly in some sense. Why do some of us get so caught up in our favorite teams, live and die with each game? I don't know, but I do it. I root like crazy for Purdue, the Pacers, and the Reds despite them not being competitive most years. The year the Colts won the Super Bowl, it was amazing how many jerseys popped up around school. I saw that and thought, "where were you guys when we lost to the Steelers last year?" I guess those of us that stick with one team all the time feel like those rare moments when our teams do well should belong to us, not others that just came along recently. We get a little protective and feel like to reap the good moments, you should put in the time through the bad. I guess that's why.

In the end, you can be a fan of whoever you want for whatever reason you want. However, if you're going to switch often (and let us know about it through your signature), you're just going to have be ready to take a little bit of ribbing. You're generally a good poster; don't let it get you down.
# 4 canesfins @ Jan 20
It bothers many people because they suffer through their teams failures and what really bothers people is if a new fan takes a shot at their team. Picking a team to like even if their successful does not bother me at all. The only way it bothers me is if that person switches teams once the original team starts to suck. So for example if someone wants to become a Alabama fan right now, that's no problem. But I expect them to still be a fan 5+ Years from now when Bama has a 5-7 season.
# 5 Guru03 @ Feb 1
Amen to TripleCrown9.
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