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Madden 10 Patch 2 Impressions 
Posted on December 11, 2009 at 12:38 AM.
Downloaded and played through several games today, and wanted to share my impressions of the patch. I played the games utilizing the NFL Simulation Sliders. My general take away is an utter sense of disgust at EA Sports refusing to remove the Popup / Overlay Ads, frustration at interception slider not working properly (0 still results in INTs), and happiness over QBs no longer making poor passes and tucking the ball and running (I'll be able to alter the NFL Sliders now to better represent the game).

I'm sure there items I have left out. If folks respond, I'll try to update it with items I can verify while I work on balancing out the NFL Simulation Sliders for the new patch.

The Good
  • CPU QB's are no longer throwing the ball to get rid of it when a play breaks down, instead choosing to tuck the ball and run, which is great. (so very nice to see!)
  • CPU's QB appear to be making smarter reads / passes.
  • Not as many duck throws by QBs, instead Sacks are occurring.
  • Beginner Playcalling doesn't go for 2 when down in the 3rd now (this is random, so may not be a fix, so here's for hoping it sticks in future games)
  • Blitzing did seem toned down.
  • CPU kickers accuracy seems more accurate (initial impression, I have FG Accuracy at 15, may be wishful thinking, need more testing to verify)
  • Chain Gang appears to be toned down (though still displayed twice)
The Bad
  • Overlay Ads are STILL in the game. So much for EA putting their consumers / fans first.
  • CPU controlled QB's tuck the ball and run, but they get 5 yards past the line of scrimmage before the LBs react (this may be a slider issue)
  • CPU controlled QB's can TRUCK defensive players (saw Jacksonville's QB Garrard truck Titan's FS Griffin)
  • Still seeing LBs swatting down balls 10 yards off passes (mid 20 yard passes), which just isn't realistic no matter what sliders are employed.
  • Outside edge still doesn't seal properly (personally, I don't mind this, but others may)
  • Flats still open pretty much every play (flats not screens).
  • Duck throws still appear to be primarily at the feet of the lineman or roughly to the line of scrimmage for some reason. (Was hit, had duck throw go to lineman which caught it and ran it back to 1 yard line in 1st game, INT settings are on 0)
  • INT settings at 0 still allow interceptions to occur
  • Not a single Penalty slider was fixed
  • WR's are still beginning their catch animations (arms outstretched) 5+ yards too soon.
  • Offensive line changes still appear to be counter intuitive (left to run right, right run left) due too suction blocking (possibly related to slider settings, but doubtful)
  • Block pathing is still bad, bad, and more bad. Had several plays where my lead blocker ignored 2 guys right in front of him, actually brushing by them to try to block a guy 10 to 15 yards off the play. Why???
  • Beginner Playcalling still calls a high amount of all out blitzes for the player (definitely not 'easier')
  • Still able to run standard kickoff when the ball goes to the right / left back for large gains / TDs.
  • No way to click through chain gang animation. (why MUST we watch it?)
  • DBs continue to react better to the ball than WRs (actually start to make play on the ball 'right' as you press the throw button)
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