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2010 Michigan Season 
Posted on July 26, 2010 at 07:26 AM.
Well guys, it's July 26th (two days before my 27th birthday!) and we've got a little bit more than a month before Michigan's season opener against Connecticut. And as much as I'm enjoying the baseball season, and how the Reds have been doing, I'm very excited that Michigan will be taking the field soon.

In Michigan's first five games, I'd say they only have one that they need to be worried too much about. And that game, is the second game of the season, againt Notre Dame (at Notre Dame). After that, I'd say they'll easily get it done against UMass, Bowling Green, and Indiana.

After that, they play Michigan State, which I also think is a winnable game - they took them to OT last year, why couln't they win it this year?

After that, we reach some tough opponents, back to back, in Iowa and Penn State. Following that, we've got Illinois and Purdue, which I also think are both winnable games.

When we're finished with those, Michigan hosts Wisconsin, and then we travel to Columbus to take on the Ohio State Buckeyes. These will both obviously be tough, and could arguably be the toughest games of our schedule, but I think that the game against the Buckeyes can definitely be a toss up. While many won't agree with me (especially those of you who live in Ohio), this game is always usually a toss up, because this rivalry isn't all about who's doing better all season long. This game, is about this game, for the day it's played. And as good of a fight Michigan put up against the Buckeyes last season, only losing by 11, I think that Michigan could pull the upset in Columbus.

Worst case scenario, my opinion is that Michigan can go 7-5 or 8-4.
If they play some good football against the tougher teams, they can go anywhere from 9-3 to 10-2.

Either way, I say Rich Rodriguez's job will be saved, as they make it to a bowl game this year. And hopefully, they can pull that out too, however, it's obviously impossible to predict who they'd play, and what bowl it would be.

As a die-hard Michigan Wolverines fan, I am very excited for the possibilities of this year. The start of a new season, is excitement, it's football, and it's the hopes and possibilities that this season could be a winning season, and the start of our climb back to the top of the Big Ten, and the NCAA!

Go Blue!
# 1 Eski33 @ Jul 26
I think you are overly optimistic. Michigan showed nothing last year, especially defensively. I have no doubts that UM can score but they cannot stop anyone.

7-5 may be realistic but I wouldn't be surprised to see 6-6 or 5-7. UConn is not a pushover....
# 2 WWF80sKid @ Jul 26
You gotta be overly optimistic, especially if your team has had two very poor seasons. Why wouldn't I be overly optimistic? I'd rather be that, than just think they'll suck the whole year. Gotta try to stay positive.
# 3 Eski33 @ Jul 26
Not dogging you. Just stating that the only tough game UM has in the first five is ND is a bit much. UConn is a solid program and Indiana gave UM all they could handle.

I agree that Michigan is on the uprise. The thing I didn't like last year was when things went bad with a loss here and there, the whole roof collapsed. Losing to some poor teams along the way, and badly (the Illinois game was ridiculous).

My concern for UM is that I am not sure how much of a motivator Rich Rod really is. I just don't think he is a good fit. Who knows, in two months I could be eating my words. As a ND fan first and MSU fan second, I rather UM be good. It is hard to hate them when they suck so bad.
# 4 WWF80sKid @ Jul 26
I know you aren't dogging me. It's all good. I know, it could definitely be a tough season for them, but I'm looking positive at it. We'll see more as it starts. I'd say the first five games will give us a gauge of exactly how they'll do. If they beat Notre Dame and Indiana, and go undefeated the first five games, there will be a lot of hope. The hardest games will most likely be Michigan State, Iowa, Penn State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State.

The reason I said what I did about Michigan State in my blog, was because Michigan took them to OT last season, and was a very young team. Now, everyone has grown a little, gotten a little better, and matured in their positions. But so has MSU. And with Kirk Cousins, you could can definitely have a good season.
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