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WWF80sKid's Chalkboard
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# 22
WWF80sKid @ Oct 22, 2014
Haven't written on my chalkboard here in a very long time.
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# 21
WWF80sKid @ Apr 29, 2014
I actually have no idea. Lol. I think I just googled Michigan Stadium.
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# 20
BigContinent @ Apr 21, 2014
I love your arena background where did you get it
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# 19
WWF80sKid @ Feb 17, 2014
Everyone check out my Full Force Pro Universe under the Wrestling section too!
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# 18
WWF80sKid @ Feb 17, 2014
WWE Network launches on seven days!!!!!!
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# 17
WWF80sKid @ Oct 24, 2013
I can't wait for South Carolina vs Missouri this weekend!
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# 16
WWF80sKid @ Sep 26, 2013
I'm going to be at a family reunion this Saturday, but I'm DVRing some games to watch! LSU/UGA and WISC/OSU for sure.
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# 15
WWF80sKid @ Sep 26, 2013
Getting ready to do the podcast for my college football website Project CFB. We're going to have Bucket from CMT's Redneck Island on there today! I'm excited.

Excited for Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech tonight too!
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# 14
WWF80sKid @ Sep 16, 2013
I feel I have always done a pretty decent job at dynasties around here. I was just reading up on a mockumentary one I started in 2010. I just got a computer back and am really thinking about starting another. Just not sure if I'll do mockumentary, or regular old dynasty.
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# 13
WWF80sKid @ Jul 15, 2011
Just got NCAA Football 12 last night! Played one game last night, Michigan vs OSU, I was Michigan and won 41-6. This morning I played Michigan vs Minnesota, I was Michigan gain, and won 31-0! Go Blue!
This is an awesome game!
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# 12
WWF80sKid @ Jul 10, 2011
Glad. To be back on here. It has been a while!
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# 11
WWF80sKid @ Oct 8, 2010
Michigan vs Michigan State should be a good one! GO BLUE!
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# 10
WWF80sKid @ Sep 26, 2010
I can design logos. I'm a graphic designer.
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# 9
Trakan31 @ Sep 26, 2010
are u able to do teambuilder logos?
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# 8
WWF80sKid @ Sep 25, 2010
Pumped that Michigan is still undefeated, and will hopefully have a winning record, and be bowl eligible this year! Also pumped that the Reds are going to the playoffs!
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# 7
WWF80sKid @ Jul 26, 2010
I'm enjoying baseball season, and how the Reds have been doing, but I gotta say, I'm pumped that college football is around the corner! Also my fantasy football draft is coming.
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# 6
WWF80sKid @ Nov 29, 2009
Check out Bangin' Gear's website:
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# 5
WWF80sKid @ Oct 15, 2009
Boise State probably shouldn't be ranked #5, after their performance against Tulsa. Besides, if Boise State played someone like USC or Ohio State (teams ranked under them), they'd get destroyed.
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# 4
WWF80sKid @ Oct 9, 2009
Saturday I have to go to a wedding...but Michigan plays at I'll be sure to get out of there just in time! GO BLUE!
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# 3
WWF80sKid @ Oct 7, 2009
Bring it against Iowa! GO BLUE!
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# 2
WWF80sKid @ Oct 4, 2009
Tough loss against Michigan State. We started the comeback...just didn't deliver in OT. Tough game at Iowa next week. GO BLUE!
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# 1
WWF80sKid @ Oct 1, 2009
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