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(Documentary) Pay The Price (Bald Hamster Films) Pt.1 
Posted on March 18, 2013 at 12:47 PM.
#EliteP2GFilms Presents...


The Ju Ward Documentary

(In association with)

Bald Hamster Films

Above The Rim Entertainment

5:56 AM EST
Location: Merwin Tayo Sr. High School Gymnasium

The sound of a Spalding TF-1000 ZK Pro Basketball slamming against the gymnasium floor is all you can hear as a 5'8 PG from the gritty streets of Detroit,MI hones his game in wake of the #EliteP2G Showcase and his rookie season @ SMC. Ju Ward is the #8 recruit according to #EliteP2G and he didn't get there overnight, WELCOME TO WORK...


Dribbling: (1 hr.)

Ward began his rigorous workout with 15 mins. of stretching and suicides then he begins dribbling two balls while weaving In between orange cones while wearing a speed training chute and a pair of sand weights on both his left and right ankle. Coach Buddy Lee gives Ju different moves to pull off while dribbling and he also makes him do something he calls "abuse the base " where Ju has to power dribble one ball with his off hand while performing a high controlled dribble with another ball using his strong hand while squatting down on one leg for 20 mins. STRAIGHT! He does all of this for about an hour alternating legs as he warms up for what this long day has in store and his coach buddy doesn't plan on taking it easy on Ju... crazy I know lol. Ju is in the final stages of his high school career @ Merwin Tayo Sr. HS and he wants to go out with a bang and another state title...Coach Lee does as well. Welcome to work is coach Lee's slogan and he drills those words in Ju's head every session...

Buddy: " Let's Get it son...No BS! WELCOME TO WORK!!! "

Buddy: " From day 1 you've been saying you me son!

Ju: " You know I want it coach! "

Buddy: " Don't talk then...Do son, DO! "

Coach Lee pushes Ju to the max and demands consistency, there's no room for in-between. If you want to be great you have to sacrifice everything for that ONE thing you love most, coach Buddy knows talking won't get you there...


Floaters/Jumpers: (1 hr.)

After some brief banter in which they went back and forth as Ju repeatedly shot 10 ft. runners alternating from his shooting hand to his off hand. Then Ju shoots 100 jumpers from 5 designated spots on the floor ranging from 15 ft. and beyond, Lee says the key is to help Ju develop his mid-range game as well as his 3pt. shot because he wont be able to get in the lane as easy in college. After a great display of hunger and poise coach buddy gives Ju some minor praise for his tenacity just as they wrap up their morning session so Ju can make it to homeroom on time...

Buddy: " Good work son but remember... sh%t don't come easy "

Ju: " Don't I know it coach "

Buddy: " See you in a min, have a good one son "

Ju: " Thanks coach, you do the same "

We @ #EliteP2G are excited about Ju Ward's future and we will continue our coverage later this evening...

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# 1 tw33d988 @ Mar 19
Welcome to the WORK! I'm feeling the passion...
# 2 Ward13 @ Mar 19
@tw33d988 ----> Thx family, part 2 and my college documentary will be available soon!
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