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(Documentary) Pay The Price (Bald Hamster Films) Pt.2 
Posted on March 19, 2013 at 10:15 PM.
#EliteP2GFilms Presents...


The Ju Ward Documentary

(In association with)

Bald Hamster Films

Above The Rim Entertainment

7:56 PM EST
Location: McKeon Pavilion (Saint Mary's Arena)



PRESSER: (1 hr.)

Ward has completed his senior year @ Merwin Tayo HS and gave us a great showing @ the #EliteP2G Showcase finishing with 11.4 PPG. 5.7 RPG. & 6.1 APG. Some scouts say that he had a very underwhelming outing but everyone has an opinion right? After the showcase Ward threw on his navy blue SMC sweat pants, navy blue SMC hoody, and a pair of adidas D Rose 3 nightmare's and headed out of the #EP2G Fieldhouse with a smile on his face. Even with scouts saying his size may be a liability Ju still manages to find light at the end of the tunnel, see he just received a phone call from his HS coach Buddy Lee and he had this to say...

Buddy: " WELCOME TO WORK son! I hear that you're a Top 10 prospect now (chuckles) I guess you think you made it? "

Ju: " Really coach!?! I can't believe it! all that hard work is paying off after all. "

Buddy: " Don't think for ONE second you've made it son, I don't mean to rain on your parade...but when it comes to " the Work " that starts here and now! "

Ju: " Coach Lee you always told me... there's no room for in-between. If you want to be great you have to sacrifice everything for that ONE thing you love most. I think I realized that when Dikumba Iboymo was trying to sway me to basically any other school except SMC. I knew I had a decision to make and though I would've loved playing alongside him I had to stick to my guns! I just want to thank you for your dedication in me, without that my game wouldn't be where it is today. "

Buddy: " I appreciate it son but you can thank me later, don't get Hollywood on me now! the road ahead is a long one. "

Ju: " I'm all in... let's get it!. "



After a long day of speaking with media @ Saint Mary's College Ju joins future teammate (@Drew4Real) Andrew Warren as they crash the SMC midnight run being held in the Gals practice facility. The gym is packed with SMC faithful and as soon as they see Ju and Drew walk through the doors the gym erupted with joy! Warren is resting his ankle after a minor sprain he suffered @ the #EliteP2G Showcase. Ju Ward on the other hand shocked the entire gym when he broke out in full SMC uniform!

He then was asked by three other players to join in the next game and we all know the answer Ward gave. Ward steps on the floor and begins to torch his defender and rightfully so a war of words between Ward and his defender's teammate breaks out as things begin to get intense...

Defender's Teammate: " I bet you won't do that sh*t If I'm guarding you "

Ju: " Don't talk me to death guy...D UP!!! "

They switch and Ward gets the heckler in a one on one situation just like he intended... Ward plays with the defender by slowly creeping towards him while dribbling swiftly between both legs simultaneously, as he approaches the defender he gives him a lightning quick left to right crossover that sweeps the guy off his feet while trying to recover Ward then gives the help defender a quick in and out then lobs the ball to an already air born Jr. that plays for SMC and he completes the lob with a thunderous two hand flush...the game was then stopped as students rushed the floor in pandemonium! They all rejoice as the whole gym chants " Juuuuuuuuuu!!!! " as the star PG exits the gym with fans trailing not far behind. Ward then exchanges a few more words with the heckler before he leaves the facility...

Defender's Teammate: " You ain't sh*t lil' n*gga, I'm no b*tch about mines at all! "

Ju: " Blah Blah Blah n*gga y'all can't fu*k with me! "

Ward not only showed the fans in attendance that he was for real he also showed us what happens to guys that like to run their mouth lol

Until next time noobs...

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# 1 mikeman54321 @ Mar 19
Great job on both documentaries bro, great stuff
# 2 Ward13 @ Mar 19
@mikeman54321 ----> Thx a lot bro, I appreciate it #EliteP2G
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