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Will you buy Madden 12? 
Posted on August 17, 2011 at 11:12 AM.
Last year I was greatly disappointed with how Madden 11 turned out. So this year I think I will wait and read reviews before buying it.

How about you?
# 1 DaggerSwagger @ Aug 17
same here...but judging by the demo i will most likely not get it
# 2 aldon_47 @ Aug 17
I will be getting it because of the Amazon deal so I can take advantage of the discount as I know I will be buying other games from them.
# 3 Jamake1005 @ Aug 17
Based on demo def getting this year. I havent bought madden in years and this year madden finally looks good. Ppl bashing the demo but i liked it alot. But was getting also bc of the Amazon deal and now im actually getting it for free so hell yeah! Got amazon deal and a 40 dollar gift card. 1st time in a long time but im really excited about madden and think they are finally moving in the right direction.
# 4 bmj2k7 @ Aug 17
You amazon ppl do realise you cant use that card until after you buy the game right? And i seriosuly doubt i buy it after playing that god awful demo, but on the brighter side of things when Madden 12 dosent sell, and Madden 13 is the last game they can make and if that dosent sell as hoped, the day Madden 13 ships its game over for EA bc there deal with the NFL is done, and NFL has said it only wants 1 team making a NFL game, so 2k sports will finally be back!
# 5 Jamake1005 @ Aug 17
Yes we know you don get the discount til after you buy the game. But i bought ncaa 12 and applied the discount to madded so was already $40 for me! Plus will get another credit for madden which i will apply to anoght game since i buy most of my games from amazon. Im a huge 2k fan and still play apf 2k8 daily. But i felt this was the first madden dat finally felt right and played a lil better. I really hope ea lose the contract also but to me personally i dont feel this madden is as bad as all the rest were but again that's just me! Again i havent bought any maddens since they had the license.
# 6 eb2hype @ Aug 17
It's the only Current game with the NFL lic.
and now Prima Games are the only guide
# 7 aldon_47 @ Aug 17
Yeah I know too that the Amazon thing doesnt apply until after I buy the game but since I know there are other games coming up that I know I will be buying (Skyrim for example) I will be saving money in the future. Plus its kinda cool to forget about a discount and go back a few months later and get money off!
# 8 CJTHA1 @ Aug 17
Based on the demo, I will be getting Madden 12
# 9 ezio @ Aug 17
I did not really like Madden 11 either but based on the demo I will be getting it.
# 10 jagsrock95 @ Aug 18
Yes I bought Madden 11 last year and was extremely disappointed, and switched to NCAA. THis year I went ahead and bought NCAA 12 and decided to wait and see on Madden but as more info started coming out on madden and then finally playing the demo, im convinced that despite the flaws madden 12 will be better than NCAA 12 and i'll be getting it for sure. The presentation, camera angles, DPP, and improved franchise really put it over the top for me. Also after playing the demo it's just seems smoother and it feels like players have more weight and don't zig zag so much like in NCAA. Overall it seems more complete and i'll be getting it.
# 11 cycling7 @ Aug 20
I have already pre-ordered Madden 12 from Amazon due to the $20 credit. I enjoyed Madden 11 but it was the first Madden that I have played in years. I'm also hoping that the game plays more like the reported E3 version than the demo. I do like the new presentation, the stated updates to offline franchise, and some gameplay updates. I'm also addicted to MUT.
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