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Random Idea: TUF for Next UFC Game Stuck
Posted on April 24, 2013 at 01:15 AM.
Since the UFC seems to be experimenting with their "Ultimate Fighter" television show with each new iteration, I wonder if it might be worth experimenting with it in the gaming world. The career modes in most of the recent UFC games from THQ have been pretty stale, with the same basic calendar and training management that doesn't really factor in a lot of the emotion of working your way into and through the UFC.

Much like Fight Night Champion tried to mix things up with its unconventional story mode, I think EA could do one better by leveraging the "Ultimate Fighter" show to brand the career mode for the upcoming UFC product. It would help players connect with the show while revitalizing the career mode concept, which has become stale in many sports games (except the NBA 2K series, maybe). I think there are awesome ideas that could mined from that concept.

Picture backstage encounters with coaches (something akin to some of the WWE products), where you get to choose how to respond to advice. You could strategically pick how to align yourself within the house and who to antagonize. The developers could even limit the scope each year to a specific set of coaches, even mirroring the TV show completely if they wanted to. The blank slate of a created character would fit perfectly into this concept, and the outlandish responses afforded in these types of story modes would fit well with the bravado and bluster of the UFC.

I think this type of story mode would also serve the training aspects of the career mode as well, since you could train with different coaches that are there to support your team's main coach. For instance, training with Chael Sonnen, ala this season, would help sharpen up your wrestling and give you unique takedown opportunities, whereas training with Jon Jones would give you unconventional strikes and varying angles of attack. This would give the developers an excuse to actually create minigames and sparring matches that actually looked accurate to the show and that were rewarding to participate in.

All of this could be presented similarly to the show, with splashy graphics, camera cuts during the matches and even "teases" for next week's show (which could organically generate a new story based on the choices you made). With EA's considerable resources and generally knack for presentation, I think a mode like this could both look and sound right, especially if given the time (meaning it likely won't be there for this year's game).

I know I'm not alone in calling for a mode like this, and I think EA is likely considering something along these lines (if they haven't started implementing it already). Both the off-line play and on-line play in UFC games need some sprucing up, and this is one EA could make a splash right away for solo play (hell, take TUF on-line could even work).
# 1 Vaporub83 @ Apr 24
The idea makes a lot of sense considering all the mini games on the game are actually things done on the show. This is also an easy way to give the created fighter personality and a back story. You cant watch a ufc event without the commentary bringing up what the fighter did while in the tuf house.
# 2 BSchwartz07 @ Apr 24
Never understood why TUF wasn't in the other games. They would have you fight in the TUF arena for one of them for your "fight to get in the UFC" and even let you rock the TUF shorts from that season... silly not to have it as a mode, I'd even like to be able to come back as a coach when you get good, then you could take all the fights of guys you coach... it would allow you to mix it up in your career, fight with a new styles
# 3 SHAKYR @ Apr 24
I love this idea and was asking for a deep mode like this for Fight Night team. I'm hoping since the Fight Night team is working on it they finally use my ideas for the UFC game.
EA isn't known for presentation, they are known for graphics. I'm hoping they step their efforts up. They were giving a huge team and resources. Dana White is right over their shoulders and I wonder what he will allow and won't.
# 4 Iadf @ Apr 24
This has been suggested many times in threads over the years
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