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# 7
JuninhoowRed @ Jul 31, 2018
Hey bro. Have Roster update 2017 or 2018 for MLB The Show 11 psp?
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# 6
The Big O Face @ Mar 9, 2015
Sorry, I'm not allowed to PM yet. Do you release any sort of spreadsheet once you make your roster and updates? Sometimes I like to rank players off my own set of values (I value players with a good eye over strict power, for example). I don't upload any sort of rosters, it's just for my own personal use
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# 5
ILikeTheBraves @ May 29, 2014
Hey, I noticed when I simulated your rosters only 10 batters avg over .300...I simulated 2 separate seasons. Will this be fixed with V2 when you edit players based on this years rosters? And if not I saw you mentioned a slider set, have you posted that anywhere? Thanks,
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# 4
Bluejaysfan65 @ Dec 30, 2012
Originally Posted by Willard76
If you want feel free to run ideas past me - I use AC as a sounding board sometimes
Lol thanks. I'll PM you if I wanna run anything through you.
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# 3
Bluejaysfan65 @ Dec 30, 2012
Originally Posted by Willard76
I agree with that to an extent. But you still have to look at the long term ability of the player when you make a deal also. It's not easy, and not everyone will agree with the deals you make, I would just try to weigh out whether you would see the deal in real life. AA has made a career of making deals that most guys would not agree with on this site, but when you look at the deal in full they usually balance out for each team.
Ok. It doesn't seem like the trade thread is willing to help me anymore though.
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# 2
Bluejaysfan65 @ Dec 30, 2012
Originally Posted by Willard76
Take a look at ways I did mine, same as AC and other threads on here. One piece of advice - try to be more realistic with your trades in your next season. I argue with the validity of some of the ideas on the deadline thread - I believe a lot of trades can happen under the right circumstance but at the same time you should try to make them a little more fair and real
I try to make the trades fair. Sometimes its fair in my franchise but not fair in other peoples franchise. For example: In my franchise, Brian Roberts could be hitting .300 with 10 homeruns while in someone else' franchise, he could be hitting .175 with 2 homeruns.
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# 1
Knight165 @ Mar 14, 2012
Originally Posted by Willard76
He never did get back to me, I got on top of it myself then saw his - which are good, I just got a few players a little closer - I was farting around for a while because my online wasn't working - although they are totally his ratings - I can stick my Jays up on the Vault for a bit later - let you see if you like and if so send me another team if need be to play around with. Let me know
I've got a few....just let me know.
When you Vault it...just let me know the name(make it kind of obscure if you don't mind) and your PSN name(easier to find through that)
Aub actually mentioned it to me that you might be doing the faces a bit.
Thanks Will

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