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Quick Franchise Mode (Madden 17) 
Posted on April 8, 2017 at 05:17 AM.
Ok, so, I'm an old dad, so I don't have the kinda time some of you youngans do to play Madden, but I love franchise mode, love team building, so I created a system that allows me to make quick progress without spending inordinate hours in front of the TV.

Another reason is a split between direct play and sim results in more realistic injuries.

Now, let me start with this; I love Play the Moments. Fantastic feature. But it skips too much. I've developed my own system for using this feature that ensures that the majority of meaningful plays are executed by me.

First, some hard and fast rules on plays I MUST run.

1. I play every play until each team has scored. I must earn a shut out, and I must suffer the humiliation if you are shut out.

2. I play every play of at least each team's first possession, no matter what happens. I actually play until I've seen all the lineup screens just to make sure there's been an appreciable number of plays run on each side.

3. Except when I'm basically "simming out" a game, I play the full drive anytime my team forces a turnover. These are such important possessions in any game, I feel obligated to take an active hand.

4. I use a custom playbook with custom gameplans, this way at least I'm "calling" the plays when I'm not actively playing.

Ok, with that said, here's the basic rundown.

I break games down into 5 categories; Preseason, Divisional, Conference, Interconference, and Playoff.

Preseason games are user discretion. You may play/sim/play the moments however you please, whatever you need to use the preseason games for.

Playoff games must be played in their entirety.

Ok, all that laid out, lets talk about the levels of control.

Level 1: Full play. Control every play.

Level 2: Key Plays. Sim one play at a time, backing out to play the following situations;
* Backed up
* Third and forth downs (Yes, 4th downs, I need to have some input on special teams)
* Red Zone
* After a turnover
* Last 2 minutes of the 1st half
* Last 5 minutes of the game

Level 3: Play the Moments, Normal Speed
* Back out and play after turnovers, be ready to back out and reevaluate after a score.

Level 4: Play the Moments, Fast
* Generally only when game is well in hand one way or the other.

Now, when to use these.

Division Games
Game is within 10 Points: Level 1
Game is within 11-17 points: Level 2
Game is within 18-21 Points: Level 3
Game is beyond 21 points: Level 4

Conference Games
Game is within 7 Points: Level 1
Game is within 8-10 points: Level 2
Game is within 11-21 points: Level 3
Game is beyond 21 points: Level 4

Interconference Games
First Drives: Level 1
After first drives: Level 2
Game is within 7-21 points: Level 3
Game is beyond 21 points: Level 4

So, you can see how more critical games are treated as more important in this system. You could just use one standard for all games, which I did for a couple seasons but wanted to accelerate things a bit.

I generally knock out a quarter-season a week this way, usually knocking out 2 games a sitting.
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