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As the Sports Gamer Market Shrinks, It Becomes More Sophistocated 
Posted on July 25, 2010 at 02:00 AM.
There was a time, circa 2000, I felt very confident- arrogant even- that I was among the most knowledgeable football gamers in the online community.

At the time MaddenMania was the dominant Madden community, and I had just joined. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying people knew nothing about football. Certainly our online community has always had above average understanding of the sport, but I don't remember there being much technical knowledge.

Today, however, I see posts every day from people who can breakdown in precise detail how certain concepts work. These posts blow me away, and not only because it shows how far behind I've fallen.

I find myself boggled by in depth discussions of various playbooks, and individual plays. I'm not confused, mind you, by the depth of information, but surprised by how much the average NCAA/Madden gamer really knows now days.

The Sports gaming market is shrinking. I think we can say that with some confidence now. I think its related.

Madden and NCAA must adapt to a new sports gaming market. While many of us (myself included) want badly enough to play a football game we'll continue buying year after year for the fix, many others will find it less and less stimulating as time goes on. When you have the mentality of an offensive coordinator, being shoe horned into playbooks and styles that don't suit you is off-putting.

I, for example, am an aficionado of the traditional West Coast offense. Its hardly run at all in college, and in only a limited, hybrid form at the NFL level. While certainly Anthony White should concentrate on making sure the offenses are authentic and match real world playbooks now, I believe I should have the ability to build my offense, whether NFL coaches believe its worthy or not.

I'm sure there are plenty of Gator fans who'd love to bring the Spread Option to the Broncos right now. Or the Eagles. They should have the opportunity to do so, even if its doomed to failure on a scale only Steve Spurrier would totally understand.

I am sure that Madden 12 features are well on their way to being locked in. A full featured play editor (See Front Page Sports football for a definition of a full featured play editor) is probably too much to ask; but is the ability to carry over playbooks? Or to customize playbooks with existing plays?

At the very least, the last option seems necessary. I don't want any shotgun, and I want few multiple sets. Let me at least create a playbook that fits my playing style.

And then get to work on that play editor for Madden 13, k?
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