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adembroski's Chalkboard
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# 20
Thouy21 @ Jun 5, 2018
Would you be interested in helping me make the conversion chart for Madden 19 Draft Classes?
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# 19
mountaindew77 @ Nov 13, 2012
Originally Posted by adembroski
You're not Bill, are you?
Afraid not..
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# 18
ANDROMADA 1 @ Aug 9, 2011
congrats on the contract extension, gonna fire this bad boy up later today

take care
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# 17
adembroski @ Jul 1, 2011
I remember my Sophomore year, we came back from a 24-0 deficite at halftime against Buckeye and won the game. They'd been taking advantage of some poor defensive play calls in the first half. Dysart was our whipping boy, along with Chino Valley. Blue Ridge was ridiculous in the '90s. Didn't they win like 4 or 5 3A state titles?
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# 16
bison160 @ Jan 28, 2011
Originally Posted by adembroski
Heh, I found out the lead art guy hates the '94 unis, and I guess he figured everyone else did too. I let him know that's not true

No, I'm not the only 49ers fan... the playbook designer, Anthony White, is as well.
Lol I did notice playbills have always been pretty accurate. This years will be interesting considering only film on harbaughs offense is from college. 94 unis would be awesome to have since we won a super bowl with them they should be top of the list. Along with the 08 unis. Glad to have you in there now man wish you the best of luck
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# 15
bison160 @ Jan 27, 2011
Congrats man! Are you the only 9ers fan in the building? Always curious about that. Seems like we've been getting short end of the stick on uniforms/alts for a few years now. Hope you have some pull to get some in there!
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# 14
jWILL253 @ Jan 17, 2011
Originally Posted by adembroski
Absolutely! Couldn't pass the torch to a more deserving successor.
Appreciate it! Thanks! *grabs new nameplate, and puts it on his desk*
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# 13
jWILL253 @ Jan 15, 2011
I heard via Twitter that you work for EA Sports, now. Specifically on Madden NFL 12. Congrats, man. As much as you do for the community, you deserve it.

Buuuuuut, it looks like I'ma have to become the next info-miner for Madden, now. LMAO...
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# 12
sgibs7 @ Aug 19, 2010
great articles man. I enjoy reading them.
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# 11
Potatoes002 @ Mar 12, 2010
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# 10
Finsfan46 @ Jun 17, 2009
Originally Posted by adembroski
You live in the Prescott area?
No, I live in Mesa...but for work, we do the Schools in the whole state, and a little in CA....I go to Prescott about twice a month.
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# 9
Finsfan46 @ Jun 17, 2009
Small world...just looked at your screenshots....I own a Book company here in Az, and one of the schools we service in PV is Bradshaw Mntn
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# 8
baumy300 @ Jun 14, 2009
Sorry bro, I got called out and just got your message. I'm looking forward to your ratings set since I assume that you're more up to date on the program. I may just make last years team since they had Roehl tearing things up.
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# 7
achain @ Jun 12, 2009
Hey adem,

You're providing some great feedback to Ian about the lack of defense in this year's game. I'm glad someone can get that point across to him in a more eloquent way than I can. Hopefully the game shapes up.
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# 6
excaliber @ May 14, 2009
Hey adam,
Excaliber here A.K.A Angry Joe from the Angry Joe Show
I actually got a big push to start the show from here, posting my older Terry Tate Madden 2009 Videos.

I hope to do a parody video on madden soon. I'd like to do a few videos:
1. Top 10 Things We Want In Madden 10
2. Madden 2010 Preview
3. Madden 2010 Review
4. and possibly 5 Things that piss me off about Madden 10.

I saw your extensive knowledge base that you posted on the forums so im hoping I could have a powerful ally like you helping me.

First I was hoping that you'd be willing to give me your own personal (top 10 things you'd like to see). Keep in mind you can list it even if you know it will be in madden 10 (like im including 4 player co-op).

Would you be willing to help? I'd give you full credit on the video and at the website!
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# 5
Josh_Looman @ Apr 7, 2009
Originally Posted by adembroski
Nice work on the blog, bro. Don't mind them... you went through as much with the Head Coach guys and came through it well respected. Head Coach was amazing, Madden's franchise will be as well. Looking forward to future Franchise news from you.
Thanks buddy. All feedback is good feedback.
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# 4
baumy300 @ Apr 3, 2009
Originally Posted by adembroski
It's clearing up now, starting to get back to normal.
Good to hear. Back home (Emmons) got hit really bad as well, so you have my blessings man. Stay positive!
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# 3
baumy300 @ Apr 2, 2009
How you doing with the flooding over there?
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# 2
thudias @ Feb 25, 2009
ahh peer pressure
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# 1
thudias @ Jan 19, 2009
Did you happen to see that Ian said QB sneaks will not be a guarantee this year.

Found it on Twitter.
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