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# 13
stickyfingers @ Jan 7, 2019
Originally Posted by aloncho11
Thanks for the kind comments stickyfingers! BIG THANKS to the community and all the people who helped make the mods and provided support. Hope it inspires people to make early 90's mods for modern games
Modders till see your work as a reference.
BTW are you done with NBA2K as a player ?
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# 12
stickyfingers @ Nov 30, 2018
i'm still playing with your mods on old 2K : BIG THANKS
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# 11
youvalss @ Mar 14, 2012
Yeah, all is good. How are you? Haven't seen you here in a while...
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# 10
Hulkules @ Aug 19, 2011
Hi, I've been reading alot of peoples posts on here and you seem quite knowledgeable. I am on you tube right now and it seems that 2k has just released a trailer with the legends. I dont know if its real but it looks real and released in august and holy **** their is charles barkley. I do not know how to put it on operation sports for everyone to see. Maybe you can do it.
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# 9
aloncho11 @ Jul 17, 2011
Hey blarg. Thanks for the kind words. That face was made by a friend of mine. He is also making older versions of MJ ('95, '98). Since you like his style when he finishes his '98 MJ maybe we can edit his head shape to resemble more his current look.
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# 8
blarg. @ Jul 16, 2011
wow loved the jordan CF for the 92 mod. that thing is spot on. any chance i could get you to make an old man jordan CF from the way he is today? i'm trying to recreate jordan if he were to come back into the league today with diminished stats and attributes and see how he'd fare
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# 7
RICH72601 @ Jul 5, 2011
Quick question for you: I'm currently editing a current roster that I downloaded from 2K. The only problem that I'm having is when I update a player's face to those that were added to the game (Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik, etc.) the face doesn't change. Can you please assist?
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# 6
aloncho11 @ Jun 2, 2011
I feel you bro. I was watching the game while multitasking LOL. Even the Rockets and Knicks Finals from 1994 (which were one of the most boring finals, if not the most boring from the 80's and 90's ) was more fun to watch back in the day. The NBA has been for a long time now in that place you mention (soulless), and it has nothing to do with the golden generation (and Jordan) not being there. The problem is in this overpaid, over protected and over padded generation...
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# 5
youvalss @ Jun 1, 2011
It was nice to watch game 1, but I didn't even watch the entire game. It just doesn't feel like it used to back in the early (and even mid) 90's. Even the promo, which was cool and flashy, didn't do it for me. I remember those early 90's promos, even before saeaon games, just another one of those 82 games, and it was so much better! Back then the NBA still had soul. Today? Not so much, at least in my opinion.
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# 4
Pared @ May 31, 2011
Originally Posted by aloncho11
Today is F-day! Who will win game 1?
I'm pulling for Dallas.
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# 3
Pared @ May 18, 2011
Originally Posted by aloncho11
Yes I remember! But I have little more nostalgia for '95 since it was the first of the 3/4 court view and faster gameplay series
Same here. The Knicks were really nice in '95.
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# 2
Pared @ May 18, 2011
Originally Posted by aloncho11
That was probably my favorite game ever on the SNES!
And '96 allowed you to put in classic player names!
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# 1
aloncho11 @ Aug 16, 2010
Hi! I'm an NBA Hardwood Classic fan.
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