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Why Turbo is Outdated Stuck
Posted on January 13, 2009 at 02:58 PM.
Before analog controllers became an industry standard, digital controllers made anything short of all-the-way or nothing controller inputs all but impossible. If you were to play a football game from that era the players either ran full normal speed or stopped dead. There was no jogging without a button input to tell your avatar to kick it in gear and speed up.

Today's analog control has solved that problem. We all see it in just about any game we pickup where as the thumb-stick is pressed in a direction our avatar begins to walk, then maybe jog, and finally when the thumb-stick is pressed all the way in one direction our avatar runs at its top natural speed. But since everyone got so use to having super speed at their command, the mostly unrealistic turbo button never died the digital death it now deserves.

Game designs have become so accustom to putting turbo in some sport games that it seems to me they now do it without much thought to the fact that it mostly breaks their game. Games against human players become straight ahead button mashing fests or worse we run across that guy that apparently has taped his right trigger down to give his figure a break.

Virtual athletes have speed, quickness, and agility ratings for a reason. I say it's time to make them matter again and give Turbo the funeral it should have had years ago.
# 1 thudias @ Jan 13
# 2 asu666 @ Jan 13
There ya go! That's two of us.
# 3 buzzguy @ Jan 13
EA has taken turbo out of the last 3 NHL games.
# 4 rspencer86 @ Jan 13
Great point. I never really thought twice about the turbo button in recent games because it has become a staple of sports games. Hopefully developers will phase it out soon, which will make those acceleration/quickness/agility ratings more important.
# 5 bison160 @ Jan 13
I second that motion!
# 6 ChaseB @ Jan 13
You're not alone in your wish.
# 7 asu666 @ Jan 14
You're right about turbo being taken out of EA's NHL series. That's a prime example of how effective removing turbo from game play can be at upping the simulation credentials of a series.
# 8 The Radness @ Jan 14
"7stringking @ Jan 14 (31 Minutes Ago)
Turbo doesn't need to be taken out at all...It would be a complete disaster in Football...For basketball and Hockey, it shoul dbe toned down a bit, and greater fatigue penalties should result.That is the real problem. "

Why would be a disaster? Everyone holds down turbo in the open field anyway.

The "turbo" button should just be used as a modifier button. If I'm pressing all the way to the left, my player better be running as hard as he can to the left.....otherwise I'm not really pushing the stick all the way.
# 9 rudyjuly2 @ Jan 14
I like the turbo button simply because manipulating the analog stick in a way to control variable speeds seems too hard for my thumb. I think they could modify the turbo button to make it more punishing and still be sim like. I wouldn't have a huge issue if it was gone though (as long as my thumb could work the sticks properly).
# 10 bfindeisen @ Jan 14
rudyjuly2 @ Jan 14 (2 Hours Ago) I like the turbo button simply because manipulating the analog stick in a way to control variable speeds seems too hard for my thumb. I think they could modify the turbo button to make it more punishing and still be sim like. I wouldn't have a huge issue if it was gone though (as long as my thumb could work the sticks properly).
I couldn't agree more this guy. The analog stick is just too difficult to control consistently. I think it is important to have a button to discern between quick, athletic moves (just using analog stick) and a full out sprint (turbo) as someone would in the open field. The player should just have limited lateral mobility when using turbo as it would be harder to make "cuts" in real life if one is sprinting. I like being able to not use turbo to set up a move and make cuts then burst through a hole in a straight line using turbo.
# 11 funky_chicken @ Jan 14
The turbo in football games is not a bad thing when used properly. For example, the HB goes through the hole, jukes, stiff arms a would be tackler, breaks a tackle and then he is in the open which is when the turbo button comes in handy to take it to the house. I do like how in Madden when you hit the turbo too early, just as trying to run through the hole the defense responds quicker. If a player is patient they are rewarded when they use the turbo at the right time.

In basketball games I agree it does need to be toned down. Speed ratings and ball handling ratings should determine whether or not a player gets by his defender. If playing against a person who cheeses they just turbo until they get a clear path to the basket. Takes the realism out of basketball games.
# 12 jyoung @ Jan 14
The basketball games have been getting KILLED and BROKEN by turbo ever since "win at all costs" online play became the norm.

Developers should just try a year without it and see if anybody misses it.

Anyone who's played EA's NHL series since they took out the turbo sure won't.

The fact that 2K's hockey game still has turbo makes it feel completely archaic in comparison.
# 13 Exonerated @ Jan 15
You are penalized this year in Madden if you hold down the turbo button unrealistically. If you mash turbo straight away, the cpu will magically break blocks.

This teaches you to patiently wait for holes, then explode away when you have a step.
# 14 Blitzburgh @ Jan 15
(xbox 360)IMO what needs to happen is something like how racing games do it. Think about it- you use the right trigger to accelerate and the left stick steers the car. In a football game your player should not move until you start pulling the right trigger in. That way more control can be giving to the user with the sticks. The left trigger should alway strafe (or turn your player the other direction)ala Hockey & Madden. While playing a baseball game and chasing down a fly ball, I actually always find myself wanting to pull the left trigger to turn my guy around to catch the ball?? Maybe it's from playing hockey & madden so much but it just feels like that is what should happen. Anyways, i think the right trigger should control the speed of a player in a football game at least.
# 15 jwmw9207 @ Jan 15
i think they should scrap the turbo button and allow for a "breakaway" button, imaginge your running back breaks through the hole into the secondary he just has painted turf infront of him(unless your in a bowl game...grrrr) the new breakaway buttonb would give him a short burst if you use it too early the defence will catch him if you use it too late the defense will catch him. if you use it just right it will pay off. thats more realistic i know as an athlete i find an extra gear for a little bit from the adrinaline rush of seeing paydirt and no body in front of me.

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