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Why Turbo is Outdated Stuck
Posted on January 13, 2009 at 02:58 PM.
Before analog controllers became an industry standard, digital controllers made anything short of all-the-way or nothing controller inputs all but impossible. If you were to play a football game from that era the players either ran full normal speed or stopped dead. There was no jogging without a button input to tell your avatar to kick it in gear and speed up.

Today's analog control has solved that problem. We all see it in just about any game we pickup where as the thumb-stick is pressed in a direction our avatar begins to walk, then maybe jog, and finally when the thumb-stick is pressed all the way in one direction our avatar runs at its top natural speed. But since everyone got so use to having super speed at their command, the mostly unrealistic turbo button never died the digital death it now deserves.

Game designs have become so accustom to putting turbo in some sport games that it seems to me they now do it without much thought to the fact that it mostly breaks their game. Games against human players become straight ahead button mashing fests or worse we run across that guy that apparently has taped his right trigger down to give his figure a break.

Virtual athletes have speed, quickness, and agility ratings for a reason. I say it's time to make them matter again and give Turbo the funeral it should have had years ago.
# 16 nexdawg @ Jan 17
i agree that if they would make fatigue in issue during the play(not just after) it would be better there are sumtimes ie. (running the option r scrambling) when u dont wanna move @ top speed and the analog stick seem a lil difficult 2 control i think there is still a need 4 a turbo button in must sports games. In basketball sumtimes u wanna bring the ball up slow sumtimes u wanna push it and then theres those fast break moments where its all out rush i think the anolog stick cant support all the different phases of speed that comes into play in sports games

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