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aukevin's Chalkboard
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# 56
Ruffy @ Jan 6, 2015
Originally Posted by aukevin
Are you back?
I'm back baby!!
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# 55
Ruffy @ Jan 6, 2015
your dammit i can't type

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# 54
Ruffy @ Jan 6, 2015
Hide our children I'm back baby!!
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# 53
Brandon13 @ Nov 6, 2014
Originally Posted by aukevin
Haha, yeah the whole Arena thing here at OS just didn't make it did it.

You still in my old stomping grounds of Pensacola?
Yes sir. My girlfriend and I actually have a house here now in the area behind University Mall.
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# 52
Brandon13 @ Nov 3, 2014
So this "Chalkboard" thing has died out, huh?

How's it going, man?
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# 51
Bullit @ Mar 24, 2011
Thanks for the birthday wish, Really appreciate it . How are you enjoying The Show.
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# 50
wrigleyville33 @ Jul 9, 2010
Originally Posted by aukevin
what's up fellow Huntsvillian?
Not much... out of down as of now. Are you in the southern part? Surprised how many people are on here in Alabama in general lol.
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# 49
Candyman5 @ Feb 2, 2010
Hey man, whats up? Long time huh?
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# 48
Brandon13 @ Jan 10, 2010
Originally Posted by aukevin
Hey Brandon, haven't seen you around in a while. What's up?
Hey Kevin, I don't know, just haven't been around the boards a ton. I guess I'm spending my forum time with my girlfriend now, lol.

How's it been going around here and for you?
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# 47
CaptainZombie @ Jun 12, 2009
Originally Posted by aukevin
Happy birthday George!
Thanks Kevin
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# 46
ghm125 @ Apr 15, 2009
hey let me know when you are free to play our week 4 game in wheelhouse league
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# 45
ExtremeGamer @ Feb 16, 2009
Originally Posted by aukevin
Happy Birthday!!
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# 44
Ruffy @ Jan 21, 2009

Fun Career Online NCAA Dynasty your invited!

Won't be a hardcore pace...really leisurely play through it, should be fun!
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# 43
Coach Bryant @ Jan 21, 2009
Originally Posted by aukevin
Happy Birthday Bammer!
Thanks Barner!
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# 42
SqueakyD @ Jan 21, 2009
Originally Posted by aukevin
Congrats on your week 2 trophy win (don't get used to it)!
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# 41
AUTiger1 @ Jan 19, 2009
Hell yeah! War Eagle and Go Braves!
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# 40
ChubbyBanana @ Jan 18, 2009
Originally Posted by aukevin
Happy birthday!
Thanks bro. I appreciate it...
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# 39
ASB37 @ Jan 15, 2009
Originally Posted by aukevin
Thanks for the add. I need to get you on my PS3 friends list as well.
sure thing bud...psn is gmerger....looks like I'll be picking up little big planet soon so I'm sure I'll need help on some of those online trophies as well as burnout's.
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# 38
mjb2124 @ Jan 14, 2009
Originally Posted by aukevin
Happy birthday!
Thanks Kevin!
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# 37
bcruise @ Jan 9, 2009
Originally Posted by aukevin
Have you gotten your PS3 back yet?
Yep, sure did! Got it back on Tuesday. I've seen you online a couple of times since then.

Just don't plan on seeing me show up as online as much as I used to be - I won't be leaving it on all the time anymore!
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# 36
Skyboxer @ Jan 8, 2009
Originally Posted by aukevin
Happy birthday!
Thank you!
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# 35
mgoblue @ Dec 29, 2008
I am glad I picked it up...It's fun, and even just 15-30 mins a day you can get the basics done and just chill. Plus I'm gung ho about fossils and fish for the museum, so I'll sit there and fish for an hour trying to get a single fish.

It's amazing how different everyone can play. I'm sure Amanda concentrates more on stuff in the house, different aspects. Meanwhile I'm hoarding all my exotic fruit, planting in perfect rows trying to get as many fruit trees I can (in 2-3 days I'll have about 75 new trees bloom lol).
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# 34
countryboy @ Dec 21, 2008
Originally Posted by aukevin
yeah we've had a good time doing it. I think we've done four of them. If only the game had voice chat in the tournaments.
Yeah, I'm surprised they never released a patch that included voice chat during tournaments.
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# 33
countryboy @ Dec 21, 2008
Originally Posted by aukevin
We're taking a break on it right now for the holidays. Hopefully we'll start a new season in February.
Sounds cool. I've been lurking in the thread that you guys have dedicated to it. Entertaining times and seemingly good times being had.
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# 32
countryboy @ Dec 21, 2008
Originally Posted by aukevin
I didn't realize we weren't already friends, thanks for adding me!
I didn't either. How is the HSG season thing going for you guys?
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# 31
CaptainZombie @ Dec 20, 2008
Nice pics of your dogs Kevin.
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# 30
Steve_OS @ Dec 16, 2008
Originally Posted by aukevin
Happy Birthday Steve! Enjoy it!
Thanks bro.
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# 29
Holic @ Dec 14, 2008
Originally Posted by aukevin
Happy birthday!
Thanks brotha!
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# 28
TheMatrix31 @ Dec 14, 2008
Originally Posted by aukevin
Happy Birthday Matrix!
Thanks man!
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# 27
Phobia @ Dec 11, 2008
Hey man the pet pictures were amazing!!!
Ruffy is offline
# 26
Ruffy @ Dec 8, 2008
Originally Posted by aukevin
LOL. I have no idea who those guys are, but that's a funny commercial.
Go into my vault there is a funny interview with Chris dropout!
Pared is offline
# 25
Pared @ Dec 5, 2008
Wow you really like spelling bees huh??
Hoos is offline
# 24
Hoos @ Dec 3, 2008
Thanks alot Kev, appreciate it :-)
Brandon13 is offline
# 23
Brandon13 @ Nov 30, 2008
Watch any good football games on Saturday?
HiJumpr111 is offline
# 22
HiJumpr111 @ Nov 30, 2008
Alright now aukevin,

Caseyd and I need you to join us in this Animal Crossing thing. We gotta find another fruit connection outside of peaches and pears!
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 # 21
kt-od commenting on Family portrait picture @ Nov 26, 2008
I always love the family pictures with the dogs. You have some awesome dogs!! Bostons are the best!
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# 20
SPTO @ Nov 18, 2008
devilsjaw is offline
 # 19
devilsjaw commenting on Chillin in the grass picture @ Nov 17, 2008
Awesome. Little dogs in sweaters are so cool!
DXZeke is offline
# 18
DXZeke @ Nov 11, 2008
It's a really nice touch of what they've added. It'll be interesting too see if people USE these new features or ABUSE them.
kt-od is offline
# 17
kt-od @ Nov 11, 2008
sweet!! Thanks. I will check it out.
Brandon13 is offline
# 16
Brandon13 commenting on Merry Christmas from Miley... video @ Nov 11, 2008
You haven't slung either of those dogs into that TV yet?
kt-od is offline
# 15
kt-od @ Nov 11, 2008
I love your two Bostons. They are the best. I don't know how you can handle two. One is enough for me.
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# 14
ExtremeGamer @ Nov 11, 2008
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# 13
RaychelSnr @ Nov 10, 2008
Patience brotha, I'm gonna get some stuff up soon
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# 12
bluengold34_OS @ Nov 10, 2008
Yeah, and who the heck are you to talk Mr. Auburn fan. We could combine ND and Auburn and we might be able to pull out a decent team.
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# 11
ChubbyBanana @ Nov 10, 2008

From a local newspaper. Everyone did get out ok thank goodness. Was quite a sight to see.
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 # 10
auburntigersfan commenting on Quiet that crowd picture @ Nov 10, 2008
That's a really good screen, man.
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# 9
DXZeke @ Nov 10, 2008
Hey Kev!

This is pretty cool what they are doing with this.
Brandon13 is offline
# 8
Brandon13 @ Nov 10, 2008
Three weeks? In three weeks they'll be playing... HEY!!!

That game does scare me. As does the Mississippi State game.
Brandon13 is offline
# 7
Brandon13 @ Nov 10, 2008
It's good here. I'm headed up to Tuscaloosa with my brother for the MSU/Bama game Saturday, so that'll be fun.

Yep, '09 will be the Braves year... not sure when your Tigers will turn it around, though.
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