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NBA 2K16 Player Fatigue Suggestion 
Posted on August 17, 2015 at 02:19 PM.
I'm telling you, NBA 2K should make a "motion fatigue system" of some sorts. It would really make the game more realistic. Like if you sprint(turbo) down the court, for about a couple seconds you should be fatigued(slow down). Also dribbling movements around the court. It would make players pass the ball more as well. They won't be able to launch the ball from 3 point distance after doing 30 seconds of dribbling moves, just like in real life!

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# 1 tril @ Aug 18
I believe they had this in NBA 2k11 or 12. you couldnt spam/hold the sprint button. folks complained and they toned it down the following year.
# 2 Black Bruce Wayne @ Aug 20
I absolutely agree based solely on online play. I realize the devs have to make online play arcade like, as to not scare off the casuals and kids, but there has to be a balance.
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