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What Madden 20 was missing? 
Posted on January 12, 2020 at 06:16 PM.
I want to warn you before you read this. If you read the title and thought to yourself, "Here's another person that's going to bash Madden." And you like that kind of stuff, I'm sorry to inform you that this isn't for you. There are enough people out there who can point out all the bad animations, glitches, scripting, and so forth. So let me be upfront, I don't really play online. I primarily play franchise mode offline.
So let me walk you through a scenario.

It's the end of week 8 and I have simmed to 9. The first notification is about weekly awards. This shows who on my team won player of the week on offense or defense. (I play as a GM) Next I'm given the option to pay some of my players who has contracts expiring. Up to this point this is all fine.

Now it's weekly training. My first issue comes here and its really small. Once you're in the "training area" you get to select a game plan. In my experience it doesn't really effect anything but the players who you have focused on. But that's not my problem. There are tabs that show what your opponent best player (not players) on offence and defense. This also isn't a issue. In the offense area they show us both passing and rushing ranking. However I find it odd that the defensive portion of this screen shows sacks and interception ranking. I'm not sure how this is helpful when considering my game plan.

I think at this point they need to add coordinators, something like NCAA did. And maybe with better coordinators players get real boost on plays based on your OC or DC something like the Xfactor stuff. But they also have to add that screen that shows where the defense actually ranks in rush and pass defense.

I may have skipped the scouting portion, but this is also something that I'm fine with.

Then you get all these options in the play season game that I really don't pay any mind to. I play the full game. Now if you've played long enough you may have changed locations for your team which I have done. There are a few options at the screen before the game and the one that I have an issue with is the uniform editor. Now I know most people won't feel the same way as I do but, the sock and shoe option has been removed. The shoes you're only allowed to have black shoes with your team colors it makes no sense to me. The other part of the uniform that I don't like is there should 3 colors for top and bottom.

Lastly there is no option to actually negotiate a deal with the coach. You get one shot and if you are wrong you lose your coach.

Anyway that's all I'm really bothered by. I wasn't going to complain about gameplay.
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