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What Madden 20 was missing? II 
Posted on February 2, 2020 at 10:49 PM.
A few weeks ago I posted a piece that focused on some of the things Madden 20 was missing. It is a few minutes after the end of the Super Bowl. Kansas City won 20-31. As I watched the game i had a thought about Madden. That thought prompted me to write another piece.

Again I'm not really going to talk about game play fixes. These are just a few more things I think would help the game.

So over the last few weeks we have had a moment to watch the playoffs play out. My first take away that the game could use is making playoff games feel like playoffs games. The commentary on all games are basically the same. I think they should do something in the game where it restricts full game commentary to playoff games. What I mean is there should be things that I shouldn't hear in the playoffs that I heard in the regular season. There also isn't a intensity meter, and not that they need one. But the game not only sounds the same but it plays the same. I think playoff games should be tougher. Maybe they could give the CPU a confidence boost just like they give my players.

When it comes to the Super Bowl. All the things that I said in the last paragraph applies as well. So the Super Bowl should have different commentary than the regular season and the other play off games.

Lastly I think they should add that delayed kneel to the game that Mahomes did. They should allow you to back away as long as you'd want to before giving yourself up.

That's all I have. What do you think the game needs that isn't game play related?
# 1 Beardedman33 @ Feb 21
They should add OC and DC hires back into the game one of my favorite parts of the older games was hiring and firing coaches bring that back please
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