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XFL by 2k? III 
Posted on March 15, 2020 at 03:40 PM.
This should be the last time I write about the XFL allowing 2k to make a game. The XFL has taken a huge blow. There are three reasons for this. It doesn't make me happy to write this; however, there is sliver of hope. But it's just that a sliver.

But before I get into all of that let me point out a few things that came to me before the blow was landed. I'm not sure what the plan was, but I believe there needs to be a transition window like the CFL has for the NFL. This gives players a window to try to get a contract with an NFL team. This could help the teams keep players, and not have to completely over haul rosters with players scrambling for the opportunity we all know they are looking for. They also have to fix the discrepancy among quarterbacks. Every weekend someone had to pull their starting QB due to poor play. This can not be an issue moving forward. Lastly they have to increase the salaries. The league has to be doing well enough for this to be an option for next season. If it seems like postmortem, it's because it is. The season has ended abruptly.

Unless you live under a rock (good on you) you can't avoid the news covering Covid-19. This virus put the world, not just the sports world on hold. That included the XFL. That is what I mean by the XFL taking a huge hit. There is no way around it. The league is going to take a financial hit. Especially since they will still pay the players salaries, and won't be bringing in any money. This makes me believe the league was doing so well it was affordable.

Now even with the success of the league, the next issue would give me "cause for pause". The numbers from attendance was declining from week one. Even worse the television numbers were declining as well. A positive take away from Covid 19 could be not having football during a time when we were all getting use to it may cause a "your'e gonna miss me when I'm gone" situation. So this time next year the numbers may stay steady due to people remembering this time of no sports.

The last one is good, but when you dive deep you realize it may not be what your'e looking for. 2k has decided to get back into the NFL video game... game. Hooray right? No, that kills the idea of an XFL game. My conspiracy brain says the NFL wanted to corner the market on football games. They may not have liked the rising popularity of the XFL. But I could be wrong. Also this NFL 2k game is said to not be sim. So what will we get? NFL Street, Blitz, or NFL Tour? I'm sure it'll be a welcoming site to some, but for those who like the sim aspect may not like this.

I hope soon we will get a clearer picture on what our options will be. I just know one thing. It won't be an XFL title . AT least no time soon.
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