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The "30 something" gamer 
Posted on November 12, 2008 at 12:46 AM.
Here I sit at 37 with a 360 controller in my hand, the same as when I was 27, 17, and 7. Back when I was 17, it was "ok" for me to walk into Eb, Funco, or wherever and pick up my game. It was alright to stand in line with hundreds of others waiting for the debut of the PS2 or some other hot game to be released.
Now I stand in line, and hope other people think I am there to pick it up for my son.

My Wife, who watches me play games and shakes her and calls me a nerd, and my Parents and In-laws think I am man-child, when they ask what I want for Christmas, and I reply with " oh, just a gift certificate from EB is cool". I even go so far as too keep it a secret at the bank I work. My ideas on what games are great, and what I can't wait for are proprietary ones, unless I find other 30 something nerds who are brave enough to speak first.

The first time this really ever hit, was when I was in line waiting for GTIV to release at midnight. I looked around and thought "what a bunch of douchebags", then it hit me, I was one of them. I was no longer the kid who had nothing better to do, instead, I was the 37 year old man, who these kids were looking at and saying the same thing about. It was that night, that I thought to myself " maybe its time to hang the controller up".

After this thought running around my head for a few weeks, something hit me. I am really ok with being "30 something" gamer. No longer will I feel I have to justify purchase by saying things such as " I usually only play sports games". I realized that I love playing sports video games( and other genre's also sometimes), and even at my age will not be ashamed to say so. There is something about a man and his competitive spirit, that never wears off. It took all I had, and all I could do to earn a right to receive a baseball scholarship, and that same passion and desire is what draws me to these games. Just because my body cannot do what it used too, 10 or 15 years ago, does not mean my mind forgets.

I am not sure how much longer I will play these games, I guess until that passion and desire burn out. The morning that I wake up and NCAA football or MLB the Show was released, and I forgot, is the day the controller will no longer grace my hands. Even when that day comes, I will always have the blister scars on my thumbs to remind me of the glory days of when I loved to play video games.
# 1 Steve_OS @ Nov 12
So what you are saying is, that I'm a d-bag? Oh man, I need to remove you from my friends list.
# 2 aukevin @ Nov 12
I'm 30 now and I game more now than I ever have. I've always had whatever the latest system was and began playing games on the Atari 2600, but it has never been to the degree of which I play now. I'm not saying I only play games now and nothing else, but I usually play a couple hours a night and quite a bit more on the weekends.

I think we aren't "growing out of games" these days as much because games can really be social outlets these days with all the online leagues or whatever. Also there are so many good games that reflect other interest of our lives like sports and movie related games.

I do have a hard time picturing myself as a 45 or 50 year old person though one days with a Sony PS7 controller in my hand though. I'm sure we won't be alone though.
# 3 bluengold34_OS @ Nov 12
I forgot to mention the part about " What a bunch of d-bags, I wish these guys were more like Steve".

All good points Kevin, and yeah Bro, its helps a little more that it has become a little more "acceptable" to be a gamer at our age.
# 4 TJdaSportsGuy @ Nov 12
My wife gives me crap for how much time I spend gaming but's better than being out at a bar every night, right?
# 5 bluengold34_OS @ Nov 12
I try using that same line, and I get " well if you did that, we wouldnt be together". In reality she is pretty understanding and gives me a hardtime becuase its fun for her I think.
# 6 funky_chicken @ Nov 13
I to am a 30 something gamer. My dad told me one time I do not know how you can sit and play those games for hours at a time but that is what you are in to. He said I'd rather see you spending your money on games that you enjoy rather then spending it on booze or drugs.

Something my friends don't get is how can I play mostly sports and wrestling games. Those are the games I enjoy. They make fun of me when it takes me two weeks to be a level of a non sports game they beat is a couple of hours.

I enjoy gaming and do not see a reason to stop.
# 7 bluengold34_OS @ Nov 13
Funky, I couldnt agree and truly understand. The other night playing Horde mode on Gears 2, we beat it and got to wave 50. I was useless, and the guys I played with were amazing( other os guys) I struggle also with games such as COD, Gears, Halo...because I devote most of my time to sports games.
# 8 JohnDoe8865 @ Jan 26
I'm 27, but I can relate somewhat, in that a lot of people have begun to give me a hard time about when I am gonna "grow out" of games and get onto more serious hobbies. Hobbies aren't supposed to be serious at all! I always chuckle a little when I'm told to get more serious with my free time.

On the other hand I dropped out of high school and basically missed most of my 16-21 part of my life dealing with stuff so now I feel like I'm catching up. I feel like I should be 22 or 23 and most of my friends are between 19-25. It's strange but it's like I'm making up for lost time in a way. Great blog, wish I had read it earlier.
# 9 rudyjuly2 @ Jan 26
I'll be 37 this year too and NCAA Football and the Show are my most anticipated games every year. Uncharted 2 will be great as well.

I don't hide it from anyone. Older gamers are growing all the time. I play with my son and I picture me kicking my grand kids asses too!
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