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The life of an Irish fan 
Posted on November 10, 2008 at 09:14 AM.
Growing up in South Bend it's as if it was pre-determined that the Irish would be in my blood. Walking out of My front door, I could just barely see the sun glimmer off the Golden Dome, and Im' sure you can imagine the impact that has on a young boy. At the age of 6, I watched the like's of Joe Montana,Dave Waymer, Joe Yonto and Head Coach Dan Devine win a National Championship in 1977. They set the table for other great's such as Tim Brown, Mike and Bob Golic, Rocket Ismail, Chris Zorich, Michael Stonebreaker, Ryan Grant, Brady Quinn etc,etc.

Having Season Tickets in row 27 seats 1 and 2 right behind the tunnel, preceeded by Field tickets in which I was lucky enough to stand on the sidelines next to the team for 2 years. Seeing games such as Florida State in 93, Miami in 91, Penn State, Tennessee, Michigan and USC walk through the tunnel brought chills and memories that will never be replaced. Having breakfast with Lou Holtz and his wife right before they took the field at the Big House and won 27-23. These are all events that have turned the Irish into more than just a team, but a part of my life filled with passion, tradition and history.

The last 15 years have been very tough, watching college football pass the Irish by. Bad decision's on coaching hires, having the wrong kids, or not of enough of the "right" kids have been tough to stomach and hard to handle. Seeing the rest of the country take it's turn and mocking the Irish, hearing how they been passed by and are no longer truly relevant in the sport. It would be easy to jump ship, and find the next great team and tradition. When things are this tough, it's then, that I fall back on those images of seeing Tim Brown return a kick off, or Rocket return a punt, or the smell, sounds and excitement that reverbirate throughout campus on a Saturday morning and the next big team rolls onto campus.

One day the Irish will be relevant, and there will be those who jump back on the wagon, but those of us who stuck with the Irish, who let Irish lore run through our veins, both in good and bad times, will be the ones who truly enjoy it. Those who stayed faithful, will once again, realize just how relevant the Irish are to college football, and why we stayed faithful.
# 1 Chaos81 @ Nov 11
I'll drink to that.
# 2 funky_chicken @ Nov 13
I would like to go back to the days of Lou Holtz when you knew the Irish were going to contend year in and year out. Since Lou the coaching carousel has made me sick to my stomach. With each passing season I am losing faith in Charlie Weis more and more.

The question is who is going to be the coach to restore the winning ways in South Bend? I wait wondering with each frustrating game and season.
# 3 wolverine2481 @ Aug 11
I know that it is going on a year later since this post has been published. I got to say something. I have been an Irish fan all my life, never been to a game at notre dame stadium. I got to watch them beat Purdue at Purdue about 9 yrs ago. Still a faithful Irish fan nothing will change that. I bleed those colors each year through and through.
# 4 waspman3 @ Aug 29
Very good article and great references. Wow having lunch with Coach Holtz and his wife I'll bet was a treat. I've always loved the Irish and for people to dog them are band wagoners anyway. Only like teams when things are going good. I could never stand Michigan so it just made it that much easier to root for the Irish. There's a mystique about them that few know or care to know. Everything from the coming out of the tunnel,play by play and everything in between. I was fortunate to go see them play against Purdue when they won 31-30. Very good game. Stadium is beautiful no doubt there. The only thing I didn't like was the constant playing of the Star Wars theme song but if thats the best I can do so be it. I remember walking past the section of guys playing the bagpipes and there kilts and remembering how cool that was. I'm confident we have the right coach on board and will take us to the promised land once again and bring us to a national level where we need be. We will be good and soon. Mark my words. Welcome aboard Coach Kelly. Give'em hell. And please start beating USC as thats one of the most least liked schools for me. Momma always taught to never say hate.
# 5 waspman3 @ Sep 22
What a treat and what a story. Thanks for sharing it with us. Yeah can be frustrating to see bandwagon jumpers all over signifying they've always liked N.D. when in reality is not true at all. The following N.D. has is incredible. Top 10 for sure if you look at the powerhouses out there. We are destined to become great again but because success doesn't happen overnight we must continue to endure more agony for a bit more. I truly believe in Coach Kelly. Is he the answer? Time will tell. 1 things for sure,I'll bet his kids don't quit on him!!
# 6 waspman3 @ Aug 24
Dude I am so stoked to get the party going as they say and kickoff is only 9 days away. Brian Kelly has brought in some very good recruits and should serve us well for years to come. I'm very impressed at his Philosophy,his way of evaluating talent,his Coaching and motives for why he does things. I listen to the All Night with Jason Smith on ESPN since I work 3rd's and he made a comment the other night of how people should get off the bandwagon of kicking the IRISH when there down and that there officially back. I tend to agree and simply can't wait. How many games you going to this year? Enjoy buddy!!
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