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Backbreaker demo thoughts 
Posted on May 21, 2010 at 08:45 AM.
After 3 hours of Backbreaker here are my thoughts:

*The animations are phenomenal.

*Lots of features for a demo. (Training, tutorial, tackle alley, exhibition.)

*The graphics including the crowd are top notch.

*I hated the camera angle immediately. After 3 hours of non-stop BB I still can't stand it. It's way too sensitive to jukes and other movements. I wish they had a slider that controlled how jerky the camera shifts are. I know 505 wants to differentiate BB from Madden, but the fact that there is no other camera angles will turn off TONS of gamers.

*The music is extremely repetitive.

*Instant replay options are very limited. You cannot pause or adjust the camera angle or player perspective of the replay. The replay is literally a replay of what you saw during the play. As far as I know this is the only sports game that is missing these replay features.
[Edit: I've been informed that the developer says replays have more features in the retail version. Hopefully that means they will have all the options sports gamers are used to.]

*The lack of an announcer is very noticeable. There are frequent moments between plays where there is no music and the crowd, players, and PA man are 100% silent. These awkward silences seem odd.
# 1 TreFacTor @ May 21
I'm glad I'm not the only person who wasn't in love with the game. I was starting to think that I wasn't a REAL FOOTBALL fan. I know I am, but everyone seems to have nothing bad to say in regards to the game.
# 2 TreyIM2 @ May 21
TreFacTor - That's because:

A)So many people just want this game to be better than Madden, gameplay wise
B) It's new and people have just started playing it. It takes a while before the freshness of it wears off and people's minds start getting "real"

C)There could be/are more reason but eh, whatever

Personally, I think it SUCKS...that the PSN MIGHT get it on Tues so I can't play it til then...maybe. Lol.
# 3 boritter @ May 21
Thanks for the comments guys.

After playing a bit more I think I know why I dislike the camera. Sports gamers are used to a ball-centric cameras like we see in Madden Franchise mode or NCAA dynasty mode. Then there is the player-centric camera that is common for be-a-pro modes.

Backbreaker represents the unholy marriage of the two. Player-centric cameras do not work when you change players. If you start a play as a DE and then change to a DB after the pass is thrown the camera rotates 180 degrees and flies 30 yards up field in 1 second. This fast, jerky change of direction disorients you and makes it harder to follow the play.

In summary, BB should have separated the team-based camera from the player-based camera. 2 camera options or a player lock (like be-a-pro) would have been ideal.
# 4 graigoose @ May 23
I so want an alternate game to play other than Madden that I did wish this game to be better than what it's playing out to be. But I'm sure with time it can play out to be a great game (give a call to VS and 2k). The running style does remind me of the NFL 2k series.

Camera angle - so far is the BIGGEST disappointment for this game (and many other games whatever the genre).

Button Map - I switched from a QB to a lineman without really noticing it, thinking I was switching to a hot route WR.
I ended up going to the ALT map only because of what I was used to and then going back to the default settings which I kind of like but needing major time to get use to it (Reminds me of NBA Live). With everything evolving around the R3 stick I feel like I'm playing a fighting game at time when it's time to make a move (offense or defense).

Graphics - one word... AWESOME!!!!

Modes - There are a bunch of game modes that seems like it will be a bitter better than playing the actual game so far. I had a much better time playing the drills and especially Tackle Alley.

Presentation - I love the fact the players come out the tunnel and look like their going to play a great game. The game definitely gets you hype to play some football.

The little things - I'm not sure about you guys, but I selected rain and I saw spit. The players I didn't see getting their jerseys dirty after getting destroyed to the ground. I'm sure this is just for the demo no sports cast or cheerleaders.

Just some of the things I was looking at... Not coming down on the game, however, there's always negative comments before the positives begin to roll out.
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