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What NBA 2k14 Crew Mode Must Include 
Posted on March 29, 2013 at 11:23 PM.
Nba 2k11 Crew Mode was the most fun I have ever had in multiplayer of any video game. Mind you, this is coming from someone who has literally accumulated over 2 MONTHS worth of play time when combining my time spent online playing the Call of Duty series, and Halo series. With all the teamwork and strategy that goes into games like Halo and Call of Duty multiplayer, Crew Mode blew them out of the water.

What made Crew awesome was that it involved so much teamwork and collaboration to win. Anyone can get on Call of Duty and go 33-6 and not even look twice to see where their teammates are on the map. With Crew we were constantly reading the defense, and keeping track of where our teammates were at, and what was going on on the court. If you have ever played a closely matched intense game of crew with your friends, I'm sure you have experienced the precise teamwork, and cooperation that made this game mode so addicting. Aside from the actual gameplay itself; crew had something else that made it shine. The customization factor. Nowadays in video games, customization is king. In Call of Duty you can customize every loadout to your liking, from the weapon attachments down to your own personal titles, emblems and pictures your profile displays upon entering a lobby. Crew also brought that customization factor, in that crews were able to mix and match color schemes for uniforms, and team mascots, as well as create their own team name. Perhaps the biggest allure of crew was that everyone was able to bring their own MyPlayer online to showcase and compete with against other teams of MyPlayers. The ultimate customization was seeing how people's mix and match lineups of different MyPlayers would mesh together and match up with each other. All in all, these things made Crew Mode an absolute blast to play, where you could spend hours upon hours having fun with your friends.

With that being said, that's why there was such an outcry from the NBA 2k community when it was announced that Crew Mode would not be in NBA 2K12, AND 2K13. Simply put, the 2 year long lockout of Crew Mode to myself, and many others has been one of the most disappointing things in recent gaming memory. So with NBA 2k14 now 6 months away from being released, it leads myself, and other eager 2k fans not only wondering if Crew will be included in the next game, but if so, what additions and new features should be included.

Here are some things that Crew Mode will need to include:
1. Advanced Stats, and Leaderboards- Let's face it, most of the people who are as into sports games as the members on Operation Sports are bigtime statheads. The addition of stats that include things like players of the week, and top performers would be cool. Detailed stats, and leaderboards would add another level to Crew that would motivate players even more and add to the competition.
2. The ability to challenge other crews, and play against any other crew in both ranked as well as private matches. Think about it. How many times have you played a great, down to the wire crew game with another team where you wished there was an option to run it back, and have a rematch?
3. Further Customization- Imagine the basic customization allowed in Crew, including designing jerseys and emblems and team names. Now imagine if this is taken a step further. Allow for us to choose and customize the arena, including the logo in the middle, the tile pattern, the sound of the buzzers, even the P.A. announcers, and fan responses to certain actions on the court.
4. Pregame matchup screen- this needs some major overhaul. In 2k11 Crew, in the pregame screen you would see both teams players names, and their overall player rating. In addition to that, we need to see the height and weight of each player, and their PPG, APG, RPG, etc. averages listed as well.
5. More VC/skillpoints incentives.- Simply put, we need rewards for playing these crew games. Instead of just a teammate grade for how you performed, let each individual player earn a VC boost for their performance, and even allow the Crew as a whole to earn VC that can be spent on Crew specific features and upgrades.
6. Crew Practice options- Let us tailor our style and gameplans in a mode where we can scrimmage the computer and or other members of the crew to work on our game and tactics before we go online against other crews.
7. Crew Recruiting- the major downfall to crew is that you have to wait until your fellow crew members are online to actually get in on the fun. Some crews only have 2 or 3 members, while other crews have alot, and can always get a game going. Let us have a good method for finding players that would like to get in a crew and see how they play, and if we would be interested in giving them an opportunity. 3 on 3 blacktop mode would be OK for this purpose, however, why not have a seperate playlist called: Crew Recruiting, for specifically the purpose of those looking to join or recruit for an existing crew to play pickup games and find players they have chemistry with.
8. Tournaments, and Playoff style formats- have periodic tournaments for crews to compete in and seed them similar to the MyTeam format.
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# 1 313entlogic @ Mar 30
Yesss, I agree with just about everything. The pa announcers seems to be pushing it, but hey that's just to me. These ideas would be great for crew mode and could possibly place it as the all time greatest sporting game mode. There's no feasible reason why 2k can't add crew mode back. Now they not only have to do that, but they have a lot of work to do in order to revitalize this mode. So far the ideas I have seen in your thread seem fairly reasonable, and in my opinon can be added in this 6 month window. Knowing these guys they probably won't add it again though. I'd to like to see a practice mode similar to the NHL series with club. They also need to add height and weight sliders the taller and bigger in terms if weight you are the slower, but the stronger. Pg's need to be 5'8-6'3. Sg's 6'4-6'6 sf's 6'7-6'10 pf's c's 6'10-7'0. That along with slider locks on certain attributes will be the killer mouse to all the cheesers.
# 2 313entlogic @ Mar 30
In terms of height and weight, I meant certain attributes aren't as keen as others. Centers can't shoot threes. If they can then they aren't dominant in the post. (There's a reason why Dirk is an future HOF not too many players do what he does on a nightly basis. neither should every cheese big man.) I believe you all catch my drift. Basically players have the same tendencies as real time ballers. Not fantasy 7fters shooting 3's, running as fast as guards, and hop step dunking every single play.
# 3 bottledwaterfan25 @ Mar 30
That's a good point, I forgot to mention that there should be a height cap system. I'm sure most of us are tired of seeing the crew teams comprised of 6'10 players at every position.
# 4 313entlogic @ Mar 31
I hope 2k doesn't just add crew mode and think they've arrived. They should revamp it, and actually take the fans advice. After all we are the ones who buy and play the games.
# 5 bottledwaterfan25 @ Mar 31
I couldn't agree more. Crew is the ultimate compliment to probably the most popular mode of this game: MyPlayer. To have both of these modes not only back in 2k14, but also streamlined, and upgraded would really take NBA 2k to another level.
# 6 313entlogic @ Mar 31
Fingers crossed my mans, fingers crossed.
# 7 Saviour @ Apr 2
If they bring this mode back, they have to address the defense. As it stands now, all you need is someone who can dunk the basketball and you cannot be stopped. Dunk animations are far to strong and will slide defenders out of the way EVERY time.
# 8 green225 @ May 23
bring back crew
# 9 313entlogic @ Aug 14
Well crew is 5v5 black top. DONE
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