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NFL 2012 Predictions 
Posted on September 8, 2012 at 04:07 PM.

Alright, thought I'd make some NFL predictions here. Going to pick the division winners, Wild Card teams, and the path to the Super Bowl, and of course the Super Bowl Winners... Lets get started shall we..


Division Winner: New England Patriots
This one is pretty obvious I'd say. With the new draftee's coming in on defense to match the already deadly offense that Brady has at his disposal there is not a team in the division that can compete unfortunately. That's tough for me to say being a Dolphins fan

Division Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers
I have some questions around the Steelers such as the OL, and the late arrival of Mike Wallace to a new offense. That new offense worries me too. Todd Haley is obviously difficult to deal with, so how him and Ben will react together worries me. All in all though, I think they are too talented to not win the division. It's either them or Baltimore. I don't think Cincinnatti has what it takes yet.


Division Winner: Houston Texans
Itís not that I think Houston is that good again this year after the loss of some key players, but its more so the fact that the rest of this division just isnít in the position to compete. Tennessee I think has a good chance, but starting 2nd year QB Jake Locker worries me a bit with how consistent he may be. I donít see rebuilding Indy, or always rebuilding Jacksonville being a threat in this division at all either.

Division Winners: Denver Broncos
I canít go against Peyton Manning. Especially in another otherwise easy division. I like KC quite a bit too, along with SD, but weíll get to them later. I just donít see a way to bet against a healthy Peyton Manning. I know, thatís the risk in this pick. If Manning stays healthy and the Denver D plays like it did near the end of last season, Itís hard to go against Denver.

Wildcard teams:

Baltimore Ravens
San Diego Chargers


Division Winner: New York Giants

As defending Super Bowl Champs, I can easily see this team winning the division again. Itís going to be close though. Probably the hardest division to pick to this point. Dallas is good, but I donít trust Romo. Philadelphia has a loaded roster, but Vick likely will not stay healthy. Washington, is probably on the rise, but with the rookie RG3 at the helm, I see some growing pains.

Division Winner: Green Bay Packers

This one is easy to pick for me. I know the Bears are good. I know the Lions are probably going to be good again. I just have to pick the best quarterback in the division though, and that is hands down, Aaron Rodgers of the Packers. Packers win the division, but I bet the Bears take a wildcard here. Maybe even the Lions too.

Division Winner: New Orleans Saints

May catch some heat for this pick, but as I said about the North, Iíve got to go with the better quarterback, and thatís Drew Brees. Atlanta gives them a good challenge for the division crown I think, but ultimately itís the Saints claiming the division title lead by Drew Brees. Bounty gate just canít stop that offense and Drew Brees.

Division Winners: San Francisco 49ers

That defense is just too good, and the rest of the division is too weak to stop the 49ers again this year. If Alex Smith can take care of the football again this year, its an easy division title for the 49ers again I think. Their defense is solid, and they greatly improved the offense with the offseason moves.

Wildcard Teams
Chicago Bears
Dallas Cowboys

AFC Championship Game

New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers

NFC Championship Game
Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl:
New England Patriots vs Green Bay Packers

Super Bowl Winner
Green Bay Packers

Super Bowl MVP:
Aaron Rodgers
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