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2K Football Next-Gen? MVP Baseball Back No Doubt 
Posted on August 12, 2012 at 08:16 PM.
I absolutely miss NFL 2k5 still and it's 2012. I haven't bought a Madden game since Madden 08 because it's essentially the same game every year. Now, I know EA has a monopoly on the football game market and any hope for an NFL licensed game from 2K is non-existent. All Pro Football 2K8 disappointed me mode-wise; too bad 2K can't even tap in to Arena football...yet. There was a blog earlier on this site that showed MVP Baseball 2012 I believe for Japan's leagues. This had me thinking about how stupid it was for 2K to be forced to stop making a great football game and EA forced to stop making a great baseball game (obviously talking about MVP Baseball 2005, even though I've always been a Sony baseball guy). It's known 2K filed the class-action lawsuit against EA with the argument being EA has a monopoly and therefore can charge whatever price they want for Madden (the obvious defense being Madden has always been at $60 retail price). Luckily, a settlement might be reached. The settlement involves small refunds for those who have purchased any of EA's football offerings during their exclusive deal. The settlement also states that EA can't sign exclusivity to AFL or NCAA when it expires in 2014. The settlement has to be approved so nothing is official obviously, or we would have heard already. However, if this settlement is approved, 2K still won't be able to make NFL games since EA would most likely (more like definitely) renew their NFL deal. Sure, 2K can make college football games and arena football games. Who's going to buy their arena football game if they indeed make one? I would if it was reviewed to be a great football game with modes, great gameplay, etc., but arena football just isn't that popular to tap back into the market. However, their ability to make a great arena football game could increase the ok risk. For EA, it seems their MVP Baseball series can only come back once 2k's deal is over (and I'm sure 2k won't be able to renew the deal since their offerings this generation have been sub-par and The Show continues to dominate). For EA, it's a matter of time, as it is for us. With next-gen console rumors, these lost titles might be launch titles in a couple of years or so. Honestly, I would just prefer 2K somehow regain NFL rights.
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