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Bringing 2K Football Back 
Posted on August 27, 2012 at 01:34 PM.
After being disappointed yet again by this year's Madden, I started thinking of how great NFL 2k5 was last gen. I think Madden finally got the right ideas down and at this point it's just fine tuning but I don't understand why it's taken them this long to do so. It's Madden's first year with all these changes so i decided not to buy Madden 13 (haven't bought Madden since Madden 08) since I knew there would be hiccups and flaws with the first year of changes. I just really wanted to know if there's any way to make an online petition to either bring 2K back, show 2K they still have many football fans, or send to Madden's team to show them dissatisfaction with their product and hopefully light a fire under their asses? Something like this would also have to be at least a million online signatures/confirmations for EA to take it seriously. I just really want 2K to see what they had with NFL 2K and not give up on getting NFL rights. So, is there any way?
# 1 bxphenom7 @ Aug 27
To add, can you imagine how great NFL 2k's My Player would be?!
# 2 jazzchamp @ Aug 27
I'm of the same sentiment, but I've sadly given up on the idea - and football games in general.
# 3 bxphenom7 @ Aug 27
don't give up hope. ea's license is supposed to end the day after the superbowl
# 4 damedash @ Aug 27
I imagine 2k modes like NFL today and halftime shows. I can't wait until we have competition.
# 5 MR Anderson310 @ Aug 27
man i really hope 2k can get back to making football again sure they know the pepole want them to make football again we just have to wait an see
# 6 Tat2PACKman @ Aug 27
I bought madden every year since its existence but with that said I find myself every yr. Either wanting more or wanting variety!
# 7 ManiacMatt1782 @ Aug 27
The problem is everyone who worked on those games is at a different studio, or gone from 2k sports all together. If 2k were to make football again, it would not be the same people working on it, and it would not resemble the game we all miss.
# 8 damedash @ Aug 27
Ronnie2k said that they are completely aware that the community wants them to make another football game, but their hands are tied due to the license deal with EA... Only time will tell.
# 9 TreyIM2 @ Aug 27
ManiacMatt1782 has a point about the gang not being all there anymore, in most likely hood, but I was thinking the same thing about a petition years ago. To be honest, I HATE NFL2K's controls and player movement because they are arcadish to me (charge up your moves? really??) and were a step back into the stone ages to me, at that time. Same with All Pro 2K8. The rest of the 2K5 was top notch to me. 2K8 was too bland and generic for me but I'd be excited to see what 2K could pull of with another NFL2K title if the NFL let loose that license.
# 10 TreyIM2 @ Aug 27
Oh, hated those floaty passes, too.
# 11 bxphenom7 @ Aug 27
APF 2k8 was definitely a disappointment feature wise, obviously due to not having NFL license. Even though they have lost their main team that worked on the game, football games just need competition. I'm also positive 2K would definitely improve as well over the last years of this gen. And TreyIM2, I see what you mean with the charging up moves, but I imagine that would be taken out or at least optional if they were to put out another game. I say this because 2K seems to listen to the community, and the ability to have a feature on or off is standard now.
# 12 tril @ Aug 28
I for one liked everything about 2k5, and I still play it yearly. Ill get about 2 seasons in every footbal season.
apf2k8 was another great title. the only thing that 2k8 lacked was a franchise mode. 2k should have just made a generic, customizable (PS3)football game without the NFL legends. THe legends aspect is the only thing I didnt like about that title. I would have gladly settled for generic players, with generic story lines, own HOF retires etc.
2k should have had better foresight.

With that said. I am going to take the plunge and get Madden 13. The pros seem to outweigh the cons. Madden 12 was a huge dissapointment. didnt get 11, 10, or 9. I bought the 08 pC version.
# 13 TreyIM2 @ Aug 28
@bxphenom7 - I would hope they would change those controls but seeing how 2K stayed pat with garbage assed isomotion for so long in NBA2K, I'd be skeptical it would change of they were to make an NFL game.
# 14 bigsmallwood @ Aug 28
I pray that we get a new NFL 2K going into Next Gen territory
# 15 bxphenom7 @ Aug 28
@TreyIM2 the controls would take a while to change unfortunately. maybe they'd give different control schemes. @tril I agree, I would've settled for a generic roster as well.

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