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2K Should Just Make College Football 
Posted on October 8, 2012 at 01:38 PM.
With the class-action lawsuit settlement and EA being able to retain their NFL exclusive license, I'm starting to grow inpatient for the first time and starting to wonder if there will ever be NFL 2K again.

If there is going to be an NFL 2K game, I believe it's only going to happen if 2K grabs the NFL's attention with an excellent college football game. If 2K make their game the preferred college football experience over EA's title, then they would stand a better fight in vying for be able to make an NFL game.

At this point, I think it's the route 2K needs to go, especially since EA's college football game has been a second priority to Madden. With 2K's great on-field gameplay and attention to detail and presentation (which is very important for atmosphere in a college football game) 2K would be smart to take advantage of this opportunity, especially with next-gen consoles coming soon.
# 2 bxphenom7 @ Oct 8
Omg, if waiting a few months after Madden's release for NFL 2K to release means NFL 2k is back, I would totally wait!
# 3 damedash @ Oct 8
I would wait too man...I hope hiphopgamer is a credible source
# 4 bxphenom7 @ Oct 8
I don't know how credible he is. I remember talking about NBA Live 13 like it was going to be competitive, but the guy does heavily follow games. What I don't get is if there is a loophole, why is he the first one to report it?
# 5 Kentucky_Wildcat23 @ Oct 8
I would love for 2k to create a College Basketball game again.
# 6 UnLeadedApe @ Oct 8
I always wondered the same thing. Even if EA has the rights to college football D-1 teams they could do D-2 or Arena Football, or CFL, they have a lot of options! But does 2K still want to make football games, the staff from 2k5 probably don't still work at 2k anyway.
# 7 truintellectplaya @ Oct 8
Hip Hop Gamer has no credibility. I am on the fence about a college football game.
# 8 dlane2155 @ Oct 8
I would like to see an NCAA game from 2K Sports. I am tired of getting the basically the same broken game every year from EA. EA is so lazy and they have no reason to change without any competition.
# 9 bxphenom7 @ Oct 8
@UnLeadedApe, I sure wouldn't mind an AFL or CFL game, it would even make those leagues more popular and 2K would have a great playing football game. They may have lost most or all the people who worked on 2K5 (some moved to NBA 2K) but new talent and old talent can be brought to collaborate.

@dlane2155 yeah, it is the same broken game every year. The problem is people unfortunately buy it, which tells EA their bs is working and making them $.
# 10 damedash @ Oct 8
I think hiphopgamer is credible to extent....he does have a mini blog on egm now website. Lol that is more than what we have. I'm all in on this one and I hope there is some truth to what he was saying about the license will not be extended. He did say that news was more concrete than the loophole one.
# 11 truintellectplaya @ Oct 9
Hip Hop Gamer swore up and down that 2K was in trouble with the release of NBA Live this year and they released that BS gameplay video and got laughed at again. Only way I can respect what he says is if he comes out and says EA was paying him. Other than that, he is just a clown to me.
# 12 iceberg760 @ Oct 9
2K + College Football...Whoooa!!!!! that would be cool as know that they would do it Right..Presentation, Gameplay ~~~ yeah, it would push Maddens developemental envelope and gives us a Football alternative other than feeding the EA monster our $60....
# 13 mpheels @ Oct 9
I would love to see 2k make a college basketball with the same game engine they used to make nba2k13. That would be a BIG!!!!! seller.
# 14 bxphenom7 @ Oct 9
@damedash yeah, i really hope what he's saying is true and i'm going to stay optimistic. What he said about nba live 13 having a chance to top 2k really made me lose trust in his news but I want to hope he's right about nfl 2k lol

@mpheels college bball would be great with the same engine but college football is more likely to happen. but maybe it'll happen soon.
# 15 johnnyg713 @ Oct 9
the only thing that worries me is that they would need to make their college football game on par with their nba title for people to even notice. I'm dying for a football game from 2k but unless they already started developing one, we won't see a 2k football game for a long time.
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