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A CFL Game - What Would It Mean To Football Market? 
Posted on April 25, 2013 at 12:06 AM.
So I came upon a link to a fan forum for a Canadian football team and someone posted an email from a representative of the CFL announcing they are working on a video game for both mobile and console. Check it out:

I, like many football fans, have been dying for a developer to create a football game to go head to head with Madden ever since 2K was forced out of competing. I found myself wondering whether or not I would actually buy a CFL game even if I didn't know any teams or players?

I realized I would buy the game in a heartbeat if it played a solid game of football, something I feel Madden has not been able to do ever since entering this console cycle.

What would this mean to Madden and football gaming in general?

Well, I'm sure the CFL wouldn't mind more exposure in the US through a CFL game. If the game is in fact better than Madden, maybe the NFL would actually pay more attention to the quality of Madden and maybe EA would make actual changes.

If this is legitimate, and a CFL game is in the works, then competition even from outside the US could be possible.

Here are two scary possibilities though. First, there is no CFL game to enter the football market. Second, the CFL game is being published by EA, which would definitely mean it would be developed by the Madden team, which isn't a stretch. Last year, it was reported Madden's team of devs actually created a CFL game that wasn't going to release. So, in some way, EA might get their dirty little hands on the CFL game. The only hope is somewhere in their contract with the NFL, they are restricted to making football games for the NFL only.

The link looks legitimate because of the message from an actual CFL representative and I think it would be ridiculous for someone to make a fake message just to make a buzz. I would obviously be a victim. Nonetheless, next-gen consoles are coming with far more power than this gen, so Madden's scarce yearly updates (if you can call them updates) definitely will be under even more scrutiny if the games don't deliver. They've managed to deliver for 8 HD console iterations so maybe it would not be much of a shock. But dammit, I want good virtual football when I'm not watching or playing football, and we all deserve that.

What do you think?
# 1 TjJunior @ Apr 25
I would buy it. To go one step further I would watch the CFL over the Goodell Football League. With all the recent concerns for "safety", its kinda got me not interested. Different league, with most likely familiar faces, its a lot of college teams, not every capable football player is in the NFL. Since its a non American league, it won't sell. Madden in name alone wins. I guess my answer to the inital question is, it would have the same effect as APF 2k8.
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