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Late Season Purchase Decisions 
Posted on May 31, 2018 at 08:01 PM.
PSN has a sale that includes PES 2018 at $19.99, and FIFA 18 at $23.99. What really hurts seeing this is I had already bought FIFA 18 around Black Friday at around $20 because of trade-in credit only to return it within 3 weeks because I couldn't get into it. With the World Cup nearing, I'm very tempted to pick up PES or FIFA again. But at these prices and FIFA 18's World Cup patch, this has become a tough decision.

I was never supposed to have a football game this year. Nonetheless, ended up buying FIFA 18 because it was $20 after my store credit at Gamestop. FIFA 18 showed me how much I was right to not get a football game because it was very disappointing. I don't know if that's because PES had been my game since PES 2015, with not playing FIFA since FIFA 14. I know my choice to skip PES 2018 was right due to Master League not changing once again, but I'm still tempted. All this knowing I don't like PES' career mode, while liking FIFA's career more but not its gameplay even with the OS sliders.

Just a random, brief description of my mind wrestling about picking one of these games up. Might pick up's going to be a long night. But I'm leaning towards FIFA 18 again as trying it to be a brief change of pace until FIFA 19 and PES 19 release, with much of my focus on PES 19.

But then, I don't even want to give EA more money even if at this great price. I don't know.
# 1 Chiefaho @ Jun 2
I bought FIFA 18 during the sale due to temptation too, and I am very far from impressed. PES the past couple years has been fantastic (Unless ML is important to you, in that case you indeed made the right choice in not purchasing) but as good as the gameplay is, it isn't very deep or polished in any other aspect and therefore gets stale after a while. I hadn't played FIFA in a long while so I was kinda interested to see how it was. FIFA is still the polar opposite of PES in my opinion; a good amount of modes to choose from, a better career mode and all around more polished, but the gameplay is very stale and boring. played 12 matches and they all felt exactly the same and uneventful, most ending 0-0 or 1-0 with barely any shots. Even with it being (slightly) graphically superior to PES, it looked much less realistic and was much less fun. I'll play around with it a little more, but at this point I am probably going back to PES 18 soon, and I wish I would've saved my $25. PES is definitely worth it in my opinion at $20, even if you are put off by the underwhelming ML. I bought it at $45 on my PC and $25 on PS4 and am happy with both purchases. I usually just have fun playing one-off league seasons and seeing how good I can do with each team, so ML being somewhat poor doesn't phase me. Can't really go wrong with PES at $20 in my opinion.
# 2 bxphenom7 @ Jun 6
That's a good perspective. I decided to just play MyClub on PES Lite for now but the sale is still going so I might pick up full PES. Playing 1 season with a different team like you do is probably what I'll do for ML. It just annoys me when retired players return through the youth squad so it kills all immersion for me when you plat multiple seasons.
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