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What do you think the Carolina Panthers 2009-2010 season record will be? 
Posted on May 17, 2009 at 12:58 AM.
Heres Carolina's 2009-2010 season schedule *It wont be easy for us this year* :




This schedule is going to be tough, but we have a tough Carolina team. I have the panthers going 11-5 this year and winning the NFC South, losing to the pats, vikings, Cowboys, Jets, and Redskins. Give me your thoughts and let me know what you guys think.
# 1 njd.aitken @ May 17
10-6 would be a great year with there schedule. 11-5 is probably out of reach, especially if they trade Peppers.
# 2 SHO @ May 17
They aren't going to steal one from the Cardinals, sorry.
# 3 Marino @ May 17
They have never beaten Miami before in the regular season, and that won't change.
# 4 carolina_boi @ May 17
NOBLE: yeah we beat the cardinals the past 2 seasons and we'll do it again. yaw have 2 unhappy STAR players Dockery and Bolden.

njd.aitken: yeah thats around our range, we still have our 12-4 team back this year so we'll see what happens.

marino13882: yeah thats true , you guys are 3-0 against us in the regular season and 2/3 were by 3 and 4 points, so they were close. There is a 1st time for everything. Last year we were the only team in the NFL who has never lost to the colts and they beat us for the 1st time last year. So dont think that it cant happen. we''ll see !
# 5 SHO @ May 17
Boldin and Dockett were upset last year and neither have any leverage in their situations. And true, while the Cardinals lost to Carolina in the regular season, they whooped that *** come postseason when it mattered.

All I'm saying is there's nothing wrong with going 10-6.
# 6 carolina_boi @ May 17
NOBLE: yeah but i think its worse this year, they're attracting the media and DEMANDING to be traded or released. Last year it was on the low and if u werent a cardinal fan you really didnt hear about it ! Yeah your right though when post season came around yaw took care of business, much respect for dat ! 10-6 may not be a bad thing in thenfc west division but in the NFC south your lucky to make it to the wildcard with that record aha Cant wait for the season to start though :-)
# 7 bkrich83 @ May 17
I think the Panthers take a step back, while the NFC South improves. I see 8-8 or 7-9 for the Panthers.
# 8 carolina_boi @ May 17
bkrich83: WOOOW ! you gotta be kiddn me. We'll see ! i dont see 7-9 teams on that schedule beating the panthers! NO WAY !! thanx for ya opinion though.
# 9 don28 @ May 17
This all depends on what Jake Delhomme has left. Was the 6 INT game an anomaly, or is it the beginning of a sharp decline in production? Jake was brutal during that game, and he has shown a tendency to be hot-and-cold throughout his career.

If Jake is the victim of an anomaly, 11-5 is not out of the question. If Jake is on a decline, 7-9 is a likely result.
# 10 carolina_boi @ May 18
don28: i couldnt agree with you more ! I cant figure out for the life of me why the coaches didnt take him out after the 3rd pic and let Matt Moore play, it was very irritating watching that game but the irritation slowly turned to comedy as Jake threw pic after pic. lol We cant let 1 guy single handley screw the Panthers season up !
# 11 cameldunginit2 @ May 18
I love seeing these "Cardinals Fans" talking smack. Yeah you beat us in the playoffs... big deal you lost the game that mattered. I am a huge Panthers fan, but I believe it will be an off year for us this year. Every team in the division is going to be very tough. But, last year everyone said the Falcons wouldn't win a game and they made the playoffs. The NFL is very different from year to year and it's always interesting to see how it turns out. Wish we would've drafted a qb instead of resigning delhomme for the rest of his career, but apparently management sees something in him that we don't. Go Panthers!!!
# 12 Darth Spartan99 @ May 18
I think 10 and 6. There division is getting tough. I do think the Saints and Falcons took a step up while the bucs took a step back. The panthers appear to have about the same talen pool as last year.
# 13 carolina_boi @ May 18
# 11cameldunginit2: nice to see a panthers fan on the blog !! but yeah i know right, they won a nfc west title and the nfc championship but they didnt win the 1 that mattered the most. it was a awsome game though, this year i believe will not be an off year for us. Whatever doesnt kill you makes you better and Carolina is going to use last year's playoff experience as motivation. Its OUR time to eat ! We got a hungry team and we will make it back to the superbowl by any means ! i am upset we signed J.Delhomme to that 5 yr deal idk what is up with that?? I think we need to let Matt Moore have a chance. Hopefull Delhomme can tay on track and consistant !
# 14 carolina_boi @ May 18
Darth Spartan99: yeah 10-6 could be a possiblity but i dont think it will be good enough with our tough division and schedule. We have our 12-4 team back from last year and a game or 2 worse than that is what i think will happen. I hope we can hit that 11-5 mark for comfort with the playoffs !
# 15 Tycobbler @ May 18
You'll have to take this for what it is and not from a Carolina fans point of view. They may have a superb rushing attack, but can the pass when they need to? They also have a lot of holes to fill including WR, DE, DT, OLB, CB. Peppers is too inconsistent so they'll lack a pass rush as well. Long story short their D' is in need of help bigtime. 8-8 at best.

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