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Posted on May 25, 2009 at 12:39 PM.
I have a seperate post for your choice of top 5 recievers in the NFL today. I have MR. Ochocinco in my top 5 and have come under alot of critisism for it. Maybe i gave the edge to Chad bc i enjoy watching him play on sundays *not this past season though* haha and bc he can talk trash and back it up on the field. BUt as the blog had more people posting i realize that there are alot of Calvin Johnson fans as well. This kid had a TREMENDOUS season on a 0-16 Detroit Lions team racking up 1,331 recieving yards with 12 touchdowns .. WOW ! But i didnt choose him bc it was just 1 season and he had been quite up until this season. So 1 season wasnt enough for me to choose him over Chad's 8 seasons.

So i wanna know what you guys think.. Which of the 2 are better and why???
# 1 tswiatkowski @ May 25
Clearly Calvin Johnson. I can't believe this is even a question. The man is a freak athlete and is the BEST reciever according to some experts. I used to be able to stand Chad Ochocinco until he changed his name. Thats not even the correct way to say 85 in spanish! Its ochenta y cinco. My Lord that man is a fool
# 2 N51_rob @ May 25
Calvin Johnson is on the precipice of being one of the best WR in the NFL. Chad was there about 4 years ago (Cincy's playoff run). "Megatron" is big, fast, phsyical, with huge hands and is entering his 3rd year in the NFL, last year was his breakout season and this year his numbers should continue to rise, given there will be more stability at the QB position in Detroit assuming Culpepper starts.

His rookie year, while battling a back injury Megatron had 48 receptions, 756 yards and 4 TD's in 10 starts. His second season with a revolving door at QB he started all 16 games had 76 receptions, 1,331 yards, and 12 TD's on a team that lost every game. Assuming Detroit can get things turned around and get him another receiver next year, this guy is going to be around for a long time and will be a faster Larry Fitzgerald. He can out jump anyone and run past almost everyone. That said it's not that he is a burner he is a long strider that can get up on safetys quickly with those long strides.
# 3 carolina_boi @ May 25
N51_rob: I have to completley agree with you man. This kid is going to be GREAT ! I like Chad Ochocinco just bc he does what he wants, says what he wants and will get on the field to back it all up. He's very intertaining and stupid ! lol But After posting these blogs and doing some more homework... Calvin is A GREAT reciever and who knows what the 09 season will hold. I like what you had to say and i can understand and agree with that. I hope we havent seen the best of Chad though, i dont want him to go out like this.
# 4 carolina_boi @ May 25
Football Schemer: idk about that man. HE has only had 2 bad seasons his rookie year and last year. All the otha seasons he's put up over + 1,000 yards. This past 08-09 season was just terrible for him. But maybe this 08-09 season was the dawn of a new era for Chad Ochocinco where we clearly wont see him the way he has before in the past.. who knows??
# 5 carolina_boi @ May 25
tswiatkowski: This turned into a ? when i posted my other blog "top 5 recievers" .. Calvin Johnson is GREAT ! He's done some pretty impressive things on a Detroit Lion team and to be only 3 years pro. But its tough to give up 8 years of OchoCincos career to a 3 year rookie who had 1 great season. Thats the line im struggling at. Mt top 5 perspective was based on performers and guys who i thought played the position well. Steve Smith is of course MY FAVORITE and the best ever. But aside from that i think Calvin will eventually become better than Chad, maybe he already has?? Only time will tell , thanx for posting !

p.s. lol Chad is a COMPLETE IDIOT ! He's entertaining and the guy sells tickets so you cant even hate on #85 haha
# 6 Eski33 @ May 25
Calvin Johnson for one reason -- Attitude. Chad Johnson (I refuse to call him by his idiot name) is a cancer. I moved from Michigan to the Cinci area 15 years ago.

When the Bengals started to turn it around several years ago, Johnson was one of the league's best. His antics were fresh and didn't hurt the team. However, over the past two years he has become a clone of T.O. -- All about Chad and no one else.

Calvin is a team player with outstanding skills. The only fault is that he is on a team that gets zero national attention (minus going 0-16 and playing on Thanksgiving day). Hopefully, the acquisition of Stafford will help.....
# 7 carolina_boi @ May 25
Eski33: Haha yeah i guess you do have to take that into account. But he and Carson Palmer where like brothers. They argued alot but they always kept it kool and handled it between eachotha. The cancer isnt Chad Johnson, its the head coach Marvin Lewis. Lets face it, the guy SUCKS !!!! He cant handle that team. Chad is going to do whatever it is he wants to do regardless of who doesnt want him to do it. There is something going on in Cinci that we dont know about. T.J. left (he didnt wanna stay) Chad wants out, the bengals are terrible. Theres so much frustration going on in Cincinatti, and they just need to trade Chad if thats the case, fir Lewis and start over fresh like the Detroit Lions did this year !
# 8 marcoyk @ May 25
Calvin Johnson NOW is just physically and mentally better. He also doesn't hurt his team in any way. He's an amazing physical specimen similar to Lebron and Dwight.
# 9 carolina_boi @ May 25
marcoyk: I have to agree. f you guys wanna get technical with the term "your only as good as your last game" then Calvin wins that hands down. Im going to give it to you guys. Right now, 2day Calvin is the better man. I wanna see if he can duplicate his success though !
# 10 gijoe211 @ May 25
I normally don't comment on stuff like this but it's interesting how people form opinions about players who quote on quote have bad attitudes. You try playing on a team who has done nothing but underachieved for the two past seasons failing to make the playoffs no running game since Cory Dillion and you tell me how you would feel. It is a two way street Carson Palmer hasn't done crap since his injury and really hasn't done crap in football period. I'm from Southern Cal and let me tell you until his Senior year in college he was crap at USC, then all of a sudden it just clicked and he ended up having a great year surrounded by great players and winning the National Championship. I could care less about the Bengals living in Southern Cal but I get tired of seeing Quarterbacks get off the hook with there tired play on the field. Now Calvin Johnson is a good player but it has only been one year and we see how this league adjust to players after one year in the league ask Javon Kearse the freak started off like he was going to be the next L.T then the next year he couldn't buy a sack lol anyways I like both players and truthfully if the guy wants to be somewhere else they should just trade the guy instead of lowering morale around the locker room.
# 11 carolina_boi @ May 25
gijoe211: THANK YOU ! FINALLY SOMEBODY WHO SEE'S IT FROM MY POINT OF VIEW! Thats what ive been tryin to get across. I think if Chad is truely a "cancer" then they need to remove him from the situation and let him play somewhere else, but they WONT !!!! you know why?? BECAUSE HE IS A PLAYMAKER, HE PERFORMS AND HE IS A AMAZING RECIEVER WHEN THEY HAVE A QUARTERBACK THROWING THE BALL TO HIM. AND THE GUY SELLS $$$$$TICKETS$$$$$$$ IMAGINE CINCI W/O #85. THEIR FAN BASE WOULD DROP ! W/O T.J. AND CHAD. haha
# 12 carolina_boi @ May 26
TooSmart: Yes Chad may be slower, older, and crazily disturbed lol but with all that comes wisdom as well. Haha I DEFINATELY agree with you on the part where Calvin DIDNT have a quarterback to throw to him as to where Chad did. I AGREE ++++ ! Even though Palmer was out alot of games this past season.. 500 yards is unacceptable buy a guy like Chad. Hopefully he can get on his feet this season. Im going to be watching both players stats this season and we'll see if this kid Calvin (who is a GREAT athlete) can do it again this season !

_Thanx for posting !
# 13 maybachmusic @ May 26
I think that Calvin Johnson is a freak of nature like many people have posted on here already. Ocho Cinco is a proven commodity already we dont know if Calvin Johnson is going to be one of those all the talent in the world & doesnt know what to do with it Wr's, or if he'll be a nightmare for every dc in the nfl.
# 14 carolina_boi @ May 26
maybachmusic: Yeah the guy is great but im not giving 8 years of Chads career to 1 year of Calvin's. He had 1 great year and now he's a "god" Chad has 1 bad year and he's the scum of the earth ! haha i dont get it, i guess thats how the world works now these days !

Thanx for the post !
# 15 maybachmusic @ May 26
so to give an honest answer im gonna go out on a limb & say calvin johnson just off of talent alone

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