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Becoming the Kings of New York The Right Way: Building A Dynasty of the Brooklyn Nets 
Posted on October 30, 2015 at 10:11 AM.
In 2009, Russia's 3rd richest man according to Forbes, Mikhail Prokhorov, became the principal owner of the then New Jersey Nets. Prokhorov had envisioned taking of New York by storm with a then 5-year plan to win the NBA Championship in an attempt to quickly build a successful, storied Franchise in the largest city in the world, Brooklyn.

Fast-forward 5 years later, and the Brooklyn Nets are now a team with virtually no draft picks, the highest luxury tax in the league by far, and a frightening future. The GM, Billy King, made blind transactions sacrificing Brooklyn's future for a desperate "win-now" roster that truly just couldn't win.

Prokhorov has had enough of Billy King. Seeing him as simply a disappointment, King is promptly fired after the 2014-15 season with another disappointing 2nd round defeat in the playoffs. While Prokhorov was searching for a new man, he stumbled across a twitter handle *@Nets_Whiz718* who continuosly showed his true support for the franchise but also bringing great knowledge of basketball. Seeing Brooklyn as one of the most marketable cities and being that the Brooklyn fanbase, although has shown some loyalty and excitement about the new franchise, hasn't been able to connect with the franchise due to the former and current faces of the team being all acquired through free-agency or trades, Prokhorov felt like this was something new. It turns out the man behind the twitter handle is a 19 year old college whiz who's knowledge of the game is thought to be unparalleled. The college whiz who would only go by the name of "718," was hired by Prokhorov originally as a social media intern who was thought to possibly help market Brooklyn a little more and become a loved franchise within the city. However, 718's genius was too obvious to ignore and was seen by Brooklyn Nets HC Lionel Hollins. After multiple discussions between Hollins, Prokhorov, and 718, it was agreed that 718 had the mind, composure, marketability, and the "it"-factor to become the new General Manager of the Brooklyn Nets.

Now 718's roster certainly isn't one to take over the New York just yet... but it shouldn't be too hard with Knickerbockers still in town (More on that rivalry later). The Nets would go on to buyout the contract of the man originally thought to re-energize the franchise, Deron Williams. And with one more year left on Joe Johnson's controversially high contract, the Nets finally have their first opportunity since they moved to Brooklyn to shed some cap space and be able to finally climb their way out of the huge ditch Billy King stumbled into. But 718 who has mastered the skill of negotiating at the ripe age of 19, has said no one on the team is safe right now. "That dude King is a *******," 718 said after he was asked about the state of the team King had left. "As a diehard fan of this team, did King really thing that fat, lazy, selfish bum Deron Williams could turn this franchise around. Did he really think that Brook Lopez is that good? Welp now we are here. But you know what, this is where I'm going to shine. The city of Brooklyn be back. The 718 is about to take over. I know people rolling there eyes saying how is a 19 year old kid gonna save this team? Bruh its gonna happen. I promise y'all its gonna happen."

718 is bold. Confident. In many cases, probably the cockiest dude I've ever seen hold a General Manager's position in the National Basketball Association. But if he's as smart as everyone says he is, the Nets may not be in as bad of a position as one would think. Well I hope for 718's sake he can get the Nets back on track because this is a lot of pressure on a dude who wouldn't even be legally allowed to celebrate a champagne shower with the team if they were to make the playoffs. "I ain't bout the pressure. I'm worried bout us. For those of you watching, all NBA fans out there. Whether you have a team or not. If you want to watch a team who epitomizes everything Brooklyn stands for: meaning heart, defense, and a little bit of swagger. Watch us play. I ain't guaranteeing a chip in 5 years like the bossman Russian said. But I'm guaranteeing you gonna like Brooklyn Ball."
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