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Madden 93 vs Madden 13 
Posted on February 12, 2013 at 01:29 PM.
First of all I like Madden 13. I am in my second season in a CCM with Dallas. I really like CCM and hope they really build on it. The Madden game play has been what has disappointed me for a while though. I think they have made some nice improvements. I like the infinity engine. I like some things with the run blocking and receivers cutting on routes. My problem is that there is just so much about playing the game that is just not sim. I make sliders and there are so many problems that can't be fixed with sliders. That is what this blog is about. Madden 93 was more sim in some ways than Madden 13.

I am not going to act like Madden 93 was the greatest game. I know it had problems. The point I want to make is that is was a very solid and sim game. I still have fun with it today. I just played it and there are some things that I can't believe are not in the current Madden games.

One thing that I love about that game is the way they use packages. If you ever played football or see video of the side line you know that teams have different packages on offense and defense. They shout for the normal or jumbo or what ever package. This is key to football. Madden 93 has this. You can use your base package. You can go with fast or hands or big. It is a great way to use all your teams strengths. I love this aspect of Madden 93. Why they took this out who knows. I love that when you change the package you see the players running off and coming on the field. This makes the amount of time in between plays more realistic. You don't have to use an accelerated play clock.

The other thing I liked was the passing windows. Yes I know it could have been done better. But, it made you go through your progression as a QB. You also needed to know the routes guys were running. I don't want this back in the game at all but, I do want something that makes you have to look where you throw. You know, like real life. The god view is terribly unrealistic.

I'm sure if I were to play a lot of Madden 93 I would figure out the tricks that some have and kill the CPU every game. That is not this point though. For a game that came out in 92 it is very sim. When I put together a drive with the Giants yesterday and saw how realistic the drive summary numbers were I just couldn't believe it. The Madden team really should look at some things if they are serious about making a sim game. They don't even have to go very far to look.
# 1 waspman3 @ Feb 12
Good points. Did you see my post tonight about August 27th NFL Madden 25 comes out? Not sure what it'll have but thinking seriously about getting it. I see you have the Arkansas Hog avatar. Too cool. My wife and I are moving down there and was just curious. Have always been wanting to catch a Football game and Basketball game down there. How exciting is it and how's the venue's?
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