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Madden 17 Run game 101 
Posted on February 20, 2017 at 04:28 PM.
Madden NFL 17
Running Game 101

Here is a video example of a recent online head to head draft champions ranked game I won 17-10 featuring the power run game. I included all runs and a last game winning screen pass to the RB.

1. Style of Play
2. Personnel
3. Play calling
4. Stick Control

1. Style of Play

The first thing that you need to do is decide what type of run game you want to focus on and stick to it. If you try and be a jack of all trades you may be a master of none.

I have found that focusing on a main core philosophy is very important.

The different styles

-Zone or Power are the main ones I will cover.

Zone will have a major focus on mobility, agility, speed

You wonít need a line to be as heavy. You will want guys who can get out in space. Guys who are more athletic.

This is more of an outside finesse type of style.


This is a straight ahead overpowering style.

This is the style I use. You want bigger mauler type of guys. High strength and run blocking are key.

You want to focus on an up the gut type of run game.

2. Personnel

Iím only going to cover the power run style in greater detail.

Zone- you can go with smaller guys that are faster and more athletic.


I will share my low/high range for all 5 line positions.

LT- 6í5-6í8 height, 305-330 lbs, Run block rating of 85 plus, Pass block 85 plus, Strength 85 Plus. (I want this guy to be more of a pass blocker but, needs run blocking to.)

LG-6í2-6í6 height, 310-330 lbs, Strength 85 plus (Higher the better) Run Block 85 plus (higher the better) Impact block 85 plus, pass block 80 plus.

C- 6í1-6í5 height, 300-325 lbs, Strength 85 plus (Higher the better) Run Block 85 plus (higher the better) Impact block 85 plus, pass block 80 plus

RG-6í2-6í6 height, 310-330 lbs, Strength 85 plus (Higher the better) Run Block 85 plus (higher the better) Impact block 85 plus, pass block 80 plus.

RT-6í5-6í8 height, 305-330 lbs, Run block rating of 85 plus, Pass block 85 plus, Strength 85 Plus. (I would go more run block focus for this guy but, pass blocking is important too.)

TE- 6í4-6í6 height, 250-270 lbs, This player needs to be a receiver of course but, itís import for them to have good strength, run blocking too. Itís very difficult to run a power run game with a TE that is lower than 75 run block.

QB- This can be your choice. I like a pocket passer that can get the ball down field (91+ thp) and has at least 90 play action rating.

RB-I like a more power type runner for the featured back. A 210 plus guy with high trucking.

WR- I like possession guys that can go over the top. Run blocking really helps with getting long break away runs.

3. Play Calling

This is one of the most important things: Donít be predictable!

If you think you can just come out and run on first down every time you better have receivers and a QB that scares your opponent enough to stay in two deep.

Play calling to me is more important that personnel.

You want to keep your opponent off balanced.

I like to use the passing game to open up the run unless I just have a huge advantage personnel wise over my opponent.

I will run or pass based on what my opponent calls. If they are in two deep I run most of the time. If they have 8 or 9 in the box then passing can open up.

The second half is the key time for a power run team. The fatigue starts to set in and you can really maul the other team. And pound them into submission.

You want to be methodical when using this style. Donít get in a hurry.

Itís really important to mix up where you run. Donít keep always running to your power side. Set up the counter or run to your weak side to keep them guessing.

I also like to run fake reverse runs or reverse runs to keep them honest.

Play action is key in a power run game.

Donít be careless with it though. If they guess pass it can be bad for you.

Use it in times and with formations that your opponent has to load up for the run. If itís 3rd and 1 and they are in two deep then audible to the run play.

If you run a power run game, run more inside the tackles. You donít want your big line having to move a lot. They are going to excel in straight line blocking right up the gut.

I like iso, inside zone, power, counter, trap. Those should be your power bread and butter. Itís fine to mix in the outside zone and toss play but, only a few times a game.

The key to the power run game is long sustained drives. Wear down your opponent. If you have a 10-15 play drive most madden players will try and score even quicker than normal. They will press and feel that they donít have much time. This can lead to mistakes.

Play field position. Really get good at punting inside the 10. Also donít take a dumb chance trying to get a long first down only to turn it over. Live to fight another day. I run a lot on 3rd and long. Draws are power out of shot gun. Sometimes you can even surprise your opponent so much that you can pick up the 1st or get into FG range.

Turning it over is a key thing you just canít do.

4. Stick Control

This is another important factor.

One of the biggest problems players have is holding down turbo at the hand off. This is a big mistake. It is very hard to navigate your guy through the hole and the linemen will jump to block the second level too soon.

I donít hold the turbo button until Iím in the open field or in a situation where I have to beat a guy to the outside.

Iíve noticed I have so much more control of the back with no turbo. Itís also easier to break tackles with no turbo.

Another key thing is when running watch the linebackers. You can really gain good yards if you look past just the LOS and try and see where the LBers are going.

Look for the cut back lane. As you run, a lot of times a cut back lane will open up. Donít miss it. Also stay off the turbo button as you move toward it.

If you have a low carry guy make sure and hold that RB button in traffic.

Take the 2 yard play instead of trying to get a big play and getting tackled for a loss. Stay ahead of the sticks.

So there it is. This isnít everything but, I donít want it to be too long. I hope this will help with guys and the run game.
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