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Lockout backlash 
Posted on September 15, 2011 at 01:57 AM.
The NBA Lockout took a turn for the worse this week and it's time that the fans put their money where their mouths are. The powers that be need to understand that there will be consequences for their inaction. I propose that we make it loud and clear that the longer they take to get this issue resolved the longer us, as fans will stay away from the game. Imagine what sort of message we can send if for every week the lockout cuts into the regular season all fans boycott 1 game.

Inebitably some wacked out fans will break down and go to opening night, even if it's in November of 2012 but I urge that fan not to be you. It would be great to get the word spreading like wildfire, that the fans are organizing a league-wide strike. We work hard to go to games, buy merchandise and pay for our league passes, all to watch a beautiful game we love. In return we're disregarded and taken utterly for granted. It's not right and sometimes you have to send a wakeup call.

The reality is that ticket sales make up only a small portion of revenue these day's; I'm aware that boycotting games will only hurt a little. The point is to send a message, a message any way we can. Imagine the press backlash, especially in our current sensationalist media. I love the game but I'm willing to make a stand. I am also willing to forgive, IF both sides stop posturing and get this issue resolved like grownups.

So again my proposition is simple:

A total boycott by fans of 1 game for every week the lockout cuts into the regular season.

Let's spread the word and bring this to the attention of the powers that be. Tweet it, post it on your facebook status, write about it in your blogs, whatever it takes!

I'd love to hear anyone's ideas on how to make this have as big an impact as possible. Or tell me I've gone mad! It's all welcomed.
# 1 Eski33 @ Sep 15
Lockouts arent done to penalize fans. They are typically done to re-configure labor contracts for the purpose of money. The NFL lockout was different than the current NBA lockout because the NFL has more money than it knows what do with. In the NBA I believe teams are in financial strife and contraction is inevitable.

The NBA is a business and when teams are losing money changes need to be made. Sucks for fans but it is a necessary evil.
# 2 clipperfan811 @ Sep 15
I do understand that these types of decisions are based on the business aspect and they aren't done with the primary purpose of penalizing the fans but it does. At the end of the day my friend the fans are the most important aspect. Without fans to buy tickets, merchandise and boost tv ratings there is no money to be made.

What they're taking for granted is that once they figure out the salary cap, how to split BRI, contract lengths and who gets the prettiest pony that the fans will march back in like crack fiends who've been waiting on their fix. It's arrogant and should be insulting to all fans out there.

Tell me how much is is a 50/50 split of zero? In this sort of business much like most businesses the customers needs should be met first. More and more I see that the bigger the business the less they care about the customer because they assume that there's always another sucker.

I'd just like to see a unified stand in order to smack some sense into both sides. Work together to get a fair deal done for both sides or risk the backlash of the fans.
# 3 Eski33 @ Sep 15
I hate pro basketball anyway. I dont think fans should use the lockout as a wake up call. To me, ticket pricrs are a joke yet people still buy them. People should have boycottef a long time ago. The only thing the lockout is doing is depriving true fans of watching basketball but it isnt going to fix the ongoing issue of ticket prices.

People can choose to boycott or not and I agree fans are the only reason the league makes money outside of advertisers and TV contracts. However, if teams are losing money something bigger is going on.

I guess my point is that the league, like any business, needs to adjust to survive. The lockout will help the league figure out its direction so it can provide the best product possible. In my opinion is to retract teams and create a smaller, more competitive league.
# 4 clipperfan811 @ Sep 15
Eski33 I think you're sorely missing the point of the blog. Regardless of the business issues that need to be resolved, my issue is with 2 months of zero contact in order to better their position. My issue is with using the media to gain leverage.

I'd like for them to sit behind closed doors and reach an agreement that makes it fair for everyone. I realize it's complicated and I understand how negotiating works but they need to understand that their will be consequences for their prolonged tactics. That's all I'm trying to generate, a consequence. And we are the most important factor in the equation for profit.

Advertising and TV contracts completely depend on fan interest so we're responsible for that source of income in a far more direct way then you're giving us credit for. NHL and MLS don't pull the advertising or TV deal dollars that the NFL or NBA do because the TV ratings aren't as high. Less people watching, less dollars you can charge for airtime; it's really quite simple.

This blog is all about reminding them about the most important aspect of their business.
# 5 stlstudios189 @ Sep 15
58% of all revenue must go to the players under the current CBA that is stupid as heck in my resturant business we had to keep labor (which the NBA players = labor) at 20% just to make a profit The players are going to fight this tooth and nail because they have it MADE grow up you over paid thugs. I said the same thing with the NFL because of the lockout I would not go to a game this year. With the NBA it will be the same thing I can not give these players any of my $$ this year they have enough.
# 6 RUFFNREADY @ Oct 22
I am so on board with your consequences for prolonged talks without and agreemen; but i find it tough to get through to the media masses; when almost 65% of the tickets sold come from the business sector in my region, and that's how they are getting by. So even if i where to reach that 35% of loyal fan, regular job people, it still wouldn't pull the affect we would be looking for. the Corprate world has their hands so deep up the NBA's behind; i feel that they are the ones really calling the shots against the players, and the Owners are sitting back in their rich little homes, or second, third, places to dwell and continuing as bussiness as usual in their alter lives. My gut feeling is the two sides are just sitting on their hands on top of their money, waiting for someone to give in! And we as fans are held hostage, with no ransom, and no negotiator.
Let's give this Boycott a big push people, as we can only see how far this can take us into this game we call pro basketball. Let's become a major playing piece, instead of a PAWN.
great work Clipperfan!
# 7 clipperfan811 @ Oct 23

I agree that it's a difficult mountain to climb but I think we can make an impact if we all come together. I'm realizing that more than by boycotting games (which we should do as well), our impact is going to be felt by inducing low TV ratings.

Since TV ratings determine the rates for advertising perhaps we can do some damage on that front. I know it's harder to not watch on tv than not go to the games in person but that's what they're banking on. All we can do is spread the word as individuals, by word of mouth, through Facebook and twitter. Eventually someone with a loud voice is bound to hear of this and spread the word.
# 8 clipperfan811 @ Oct 23

I'm not the only one who feels this way, nice article along the same lines by Sports Illustrated.
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