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Developing the Ultimate NFL Football game. 
Posted on August 9, 2010 at 05:18 PM.
Okay I'm constantly seeing these "This game is better than that game" threads, and I wanted to come and create a blog where people could come have some input on an all-around accepted game. I wanted to create a thread but not sure where it would belong. So here it goes, we are developing the best Sim football game, I would like to know what features or aspects of gameplay would you add in? I don't want any bashing of games here. Just say what you would add in a football game to make the perfect game. Here's the format: (name of game) What exactly from that game would want to be in the Ultimate NFL Football game?

Here is my little list:
(APF 2K8)
1.)There is NO Robo-QB. The differences between QBs are apparent. When you get to the QB you get there, no bailed out perfect throws. If you run to one side of the field and try to throw to opposite side its normally a very inaccurate pass. I also love the fact that you have to set-up to throw with some QBs. Also bring in the "throw on the run" rating.

2.)The option to control a D-lineman and actually pick what defensive move(swim,club, spin,rip) you want to do. D-line tipped passes.

3.)O-linemen double teams.

(APF 2K8)
4.)The review system, I love the Pic-on-Pic that 2K8 has. But the point I want to mention is the actual options you have of selecting what you want to challenge.

5.)The biggest on field innovations for me, is real-time penalties and Flags. During gameplay you actually seeing the Refs throwing the flags. Off-set penalties. Seeing the Ref throw that flag when you have a big play is sometimes scary. Also something that happens that most people probably wont like, I played plenty of games where I see what looks like offensive holding and defensive holding that is not being called. Now a lot of people probably want every penalty called but to me missed calls are realistic and i would want them in the game.

(APF 2K8)
6.)Real-times injuries. Seeing a player pull up from a hamstring injury is awesome.
# 1 DGMikeBarker @ Aug 9
1) (Madden) Holding a button for top speed

2) (2k) Tap A tackle-breaking

3) (APF2k) Kicking game

4) (Ncaa) Accessories

5) (2k) Presentation

6) (2k) My Crib

7) (Nccaa06) Mini games

8) (APF2k) Tip drill

9) (BB) Tackling

Like your list better tho
# 2 ak47jared @ Aug 9
1. Passing with direction influence (Madden)

2.Consecutive tackling (backbreaker)

3****nning the ball with full anolog control (Madden)

4.Presentation (Madden)

5.Interception in traffic (backbreaker)

6.Penalities (2k)

7. Pass Rushing (2k)

8.Catching animations (madden)

9. Wide reviecer ball locating (2k)

10. Fumbles (madden)

11. Ball swat (madden)
# 3 Trey79 @ Jan 1
I know I sound like a fan boy, but I agree. Anything from the 2k5/2k8 games is a win win. I still think the gameplay from 2k with the look of madden would be as close as you could get to perfect.
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