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NBA 2K12 Review 
Posted on January 13, 2012 at 08:03 PM.
Now that the Lock Out is over and the NBA Season is under way I feel like I can finally do my review of NBA 2K12. Something about now having current roster really put this game on the shelf for some time, but now that 2K Sports has updated their roster and added the Rookies in the game Iím taking my game back to the court.

The Breakdown:

Going into NBA 2K12 I couldnít imagine what could be done to drastically improve the game play and AI, and luckily for us 2K Sports agreed and spent more time on Game Modes that would keep us playing longer. This year there were some major upgrades to their three biggest Game modes, NBAís Greatest which adds more players to use from last yearís Michael Jordan Mode, Create a Legend which lets you choose and current NBA player and continue with their career, and My Player Mode which took away some of the boring starting games and putís you into the action faster.

NBAís Greatest puts you in the shoes of some of its greats in key games, and you get to relive the past. But the history lesson doesnít stop there; each match-up is unique and present s a different type of challenge. Some are more Offensive based, like scoring a certain amount of points or making so many 3 pointers, other are defensive like slowing down the others teams All-Star. What we did like is the presentation fits each time period, even going back to a black and white presentation for some of the older players. The teams go back the 60ís Celtics and Bill Russell to the late 90ís Jazz with Karl Malone, and each challenge you complete unlocks both teams for other game modes.

Create a Legend is something that I think every fan of the NBA would love to play, just thinking of all the possibilities. As a Lakers fan can now select to take over Kobe Bryantís career and try to get him his 6 and possibly 7 NBA Championship. I know for some that donít want to start out in My Player as a player rated in the 60ís and wait 2-3 years to build your guy up, you can start as a Superstar and finish their career on top, or a journeyman waiting to take charge of his own team and take it to the next level, or just a recent high draft pick with decent ratings. Two things that make this mode even better were a couple find from members at Operations Sports, the ability to assign Legends to current teams and the ability to get those players without having to unlock the teams. Imagine taking Young Shaq or Fro Kobe from their Rookie seasons and seeing what you could do.

My Player Mode has always started out really slow and to some may have felt like a chore, but this year you will play one game and jump straight to pre-draft interviews. You will go though a few interviews and depending on how you answer the questions it will either raise or lower you draft stock. Once drafted you get the choice to play each game or your next key game, which really helps get through each season. The presentation has really been amped up in My Player Mode, but it doesnít stop there. I could go on about the Presentation and the Commentary but want to let you get into a game and enjoy the experience yourself.
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