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NFL Blitz Review 
Posted on January 30, 2012 at 02:55 PM.
With the NFL season coming to an end, EA has re-release NFL Blitz to keep the pig-skin excitement going. If you like sports games to be more Video Game and less simulation or just can’t get enough of the NFL we will go over a why this might be just for you.

The Breakdown:

When NFL Blitz was first announced to be release we weren’t sure if it would hold our excitement as much the old NFL Blitz arcade days. Of course we love the NFL and we love video games, but with more sports games trying to be more simulation and less arcade we wondered if it would take away from the simplicity of this game. We liked the nostalgia, we like the price tag, but would there be enough features to hold our attention?

Included in the single player exhibition games, EA Sports has added Blitz Gauntlet, Blitz Battle, and Elite League in the game. Going over each quickly, Blitz Battles is your online option with head to head matches as well as co-op play. Blitz Gauntlet and a single player mode that lets you customize your team with any player in the game and work through a Ladder of other teams and the occasional Boss match with Mascot like players. Elite League is close to what an Ultimate Team mode that gives you a random low-level team and lets you purchase player packs within the game for points you earn with wins. Your team in the mode is fully customizable with different logos and colors to choose from.

To go over the actual gameplay, not much has changed from the previous versions. You have the option the use Passing Icons or single button passing with a highlighted player. You can spin, juke, stiff-arm, and even the use of Turbo; but there are no running plays and throwing the “Bomb” or deep pass is the best way to get yards. They removed late hits, which was something everyone liked doing in between plays but the tackling is still over the top. Play selection is still limited to two pages on offense and one on defense, but anyone could pick up the game and have fun.

Final Note:

For the pure nostalgia feel of the game and the $15 price tag, we felt pretty good with this years version of NFL Blitz. If this is a game you enjoyed and have someone you want to share the madness with, or just wanted to test your skills online, we defiantly recommend the purchase.
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