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I'm smarter than Greg Shiano: 
Posted on December 7, 2012 at 06:36 PM.
Sometimes I think Roger Goodell works for EA Sports / Madden. It has to be true. They both keep taking things out of the game that make (have long made) it enjoyable, they both insist they are better for having done so and no matter how awful the results, there's nothing any of us can do about it besides finding better, previous versions of the game instead. Okay, so I'm being a bit cynical as usual, but hear me out. Goodell wants to get rid of kickoffs, now..!? He's even listening to Greg Shiano. Fail. Even the m-f-n ARENA football league has kickoff returns...and I can't stand that league. They put it in their game, though. You know why? Because it's in the game. Yeah...see what I did there?'s a far better idea, and I think it should be extremely considered: Adopt a bigger playing field akin to Canadian Football - perhaps bigger. Why? How can I be serious? More field = more playing room = more area to get away from faster, bigger players (because faster, bigger guys compared to years ago is always the prime argument they use). Hey, you might even see more kickoff returns for TD's. That's more scoring, so it fits in line with exciting play, right? Seriously, though, look at the physics of it all. A narrower field of play means more of a straight shot up and down the gridiron. If you are forced to run a narrower path against 11 defenders, then the odds are greater that you're getting creamed. Widen the field, though, and you have a pretty good chance of not only getting away from rocketing defenders (plural), but you may well alter the velocity and angles of possibly just one defender in your path. Logic suggests that if mass and velocity are the primary factors making you possibly decide against going a certain trajectory...then you need to increase your ability to alter said trajectory. It's very simple. At least I think so. And that's why I'm smarter than Greg Shiano.
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Looks like someone out there thinks like I do.
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